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Because not only did I have sort of the context of the earnings to write with. But also, they raise prices. In the meantime, which I think is also something that's very interesting to this conversation. So anyhow, that's a long preamble to say how we got two nephews this week and us talking about the podcast. So let's dive in yes and not watching per box. So curious minds wanna know, you putting bent dinner of your is right now. No, I just taught my glasses on the ground, which I guess is odd theme by what was that on purpose? Any Al just got to step back? And in the context of what we talk about. There's always been a bit of debate between me, and my readers and commentators stuff about is Netflixing aggregate or know, or are they something unique unto themselves. And I think that it's a pretty important question when it comes to thinking about sort of their long-term potential and where they are. I would I I wrote about Netflix. Speaking of right answer checker. It was in the context of writing about the TV industry, generally Bissett back in two thousand thirteen and I said something to the effect that net. Flicks is just it's other channel with a different delivery mechanism. And I think that there's a lot of people that have a similar take on it. I have certainly Wong since abandoned that characterization just because to think about net flicks. As being another channel in some senses. It's right. Like, you can watch one channel on TV, and you can switch over and watch Netflix. But given the constraints. That are around channels, particularly the constraint of time. Once you remove that constraint. It becomes something else entirely. I think to characterize it as a channel nor channel I know of really wants to take over as much of your viewing habits as Netflix does the constraint on time and the constraint on choice of content. But even the notion of channel is everybody's watching the same thing at the same time. And there are instances for things like news and sports which net flicks is never going to get into when watching the same thing at the same time makes sense for everything else net flicks. He's creating in the same way. You could almost think if the Facebook newsfeed as a customized newspaper that's fueled in with news that your friends.

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