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If gets me going every time I hear Mark Levin say my name is always a good another reason to see just so you can meet parkland and so many other people that are approachable they're in a fired up and just excited about being Americans. And I'm telling you start saving up here, coffee, money or pack a lunch, but they need about fifteen hundred dollars, I think, to go to see peck, comfortably. But again, I, I'm just the poor grandma drive a minivan around to face county, so I pack them in four of us in the room, and was we like staying on property. Did you stay on property when you went to CPAC? Gaylord, where CPAC was we were down the street based? Yeah. Yeah. Now, she's got two years. You know, under this was my fourth year in a row going so. I say to myself, don't go Doug. Oh, but you can't I try to explain to people what is life to be there. And to be around, like minded people and just to hear them speak in being a room. It could be six thousand people out of Moammar exaggerates, how many people in that room when Trump comes to speak, but he feel like he's talking right to you. And just the it's just a great place to be, and I constantly think about people that I met as a result of just being a radio role just standing on the spot, and they walk by our friends, and we talk on my show, a needs to go over it since I've been back from CPAC, I think almost once a week, I've had someone on as result of me meeting them at CPAC. So it's always a great time to go. I just have so much fun. And just as a busy mom nicest to get away and hang out with, with a bunch of women. And we're all just so happy to be running around CPAC eating great places in this last time to be able to have dinner with Justice Gelinas daughter-in-law was pitching myself the whole time trying to act really cool like this was normal for me. But I was just like. Kaleo my goodness. Amazing. So I recommend everybody's just not for people like me. Lots of young people. They are dominant. Ac- pec. They are the best dress, and they're the ones we're Mark Levin is coming through almost as Justin Bieber just walked days ago screaming. Ben shapiro. They're just so excited about real heroes and not the little ones that everybody else is talking about. So I'm so happy that nectar. We have to get together and have dinner if I'm blessed that have the opportunity to go really quick guys. I'm so happy that they're here. It's a six o'clock Margaret be doing his reporting a little bit. But save the date for next week. I'm so nervous. I'm so worried about doing next week show. It's a panel show is something that I came up with a decided always sit around and talk about what's wrong with Chicago. And I thought, wouldn't it be nice to invite people in a panel to talk about solutions to what's plaguing Chicago because, again, the beginning of the summer, you just think about all the this the bad news that we'll be getting awesome. Hopefully not maybe this summer will change. But I will have Monroe Anderson, he's a longtime Chicago journalist who has worked for the sun, the CBS, and he was press secretary for the city of Chicago have Anthony Clark. He's a veteran veteran an educator, and he's the founder of the suburban unity alliance, and he, he's also running for. Congress. He wants to defeat Danny Kaye Davis. And, you know, I'm on the board alcohol over that. And also, Dr Jim Allen, he is founder of the vineyards of Toco vendors, Chicago, a ministry, dedicated to solving social ills through economics, education and empowerment. So we're gonna do a panel show, I need lots of prayer support. I hope to be able to do more things like this. But this first one, I thought, let's talk about solutions and to a city that we all love. So tune in next week, the first hour will be the normal show than at four o'clock we're going to move into the lounge and do the show in front of an audience. And, and hopefully again, we can ensure we can get through the two hours without talking over each other. That's going to be me to remind myself, let them talk, let my mother's always text me. She'll be in studio to say, let them talk, and talk, especially if it's a democrat, she wants to make sure I give them ample time. So I'm just hoping for a good display of just different ideas and again, looking for solutions, because I am so. Sick of galas and fundraisers, and everybody's got a five oh once three or five whatever in and everybody's raising money, and I never see how this is actually helping people not to say that I have all the answers, but maybe bring these people together. It would be a great opportunity to just display some things on the left rights and who knows. But I'm really looking forward to next week. Well, this'll funny we were talking about security on campus and they were saying them commercial that the security guards at the are not armed what you can't bring a gun, and then the people in their protecting you don't have guns either does anybody. They're not arms. And that sounds really crazy to save. But they're not armed. And we all know criminals are not going to be interesting. Oh, let me go back to my car. Put my gun away. They're like, hey, this is these are sheep those nobody armed I can go ahead and do whatever I wanna do you think, again, to be that responsibility says, I got you that says no gun allow, I'm thinking somebody inside has a gun. So what, what are they armed with, like, feathers to tickle you to death? Distracted with jokes juggling. And then the I don't know what, what, how do you think they're going to protect students? I if I send my kid there, let's say, I'm from mud water Mississippi somewhere and I'm sitting in my kids to the big city to go to. I wanna know that they're safe in, you know, somebody's protecting them the larger issue though, it speaks it speaks of the diminishment of law enforcement, in general just an ethos pervades, especially the city of Kaga where we just don't respect police officers respect who lives matter, also. So the diminution of, of the lives of law enforcement is something that is prevalent in this city and you see on college campuses where these are. Sort of wars of the school. They're just like emblematic symbols that are supposed to just by looking at them. We're supposed to feel safe, but God forbid that a shoot should erupt what's going to happen. But I think it's a larger issue just not respecting law enforcement in general in principle is part of the conservative identity of this city. What's even worse is like students can't even protect themselves because we can't even bring Mason campus. It's just it's really ridiculous. No, no say days. Cannot have me on campus. It's so it's like it's like, what are you going to do? And even just this past month. They think there's been like about three public safety emails. At least. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Reagan somewhere where he can't have maze. Maybe look into Columbia, talked to the producers gone they have made. I don't know. It's just probably just across the board, liberal liberal campuses. They just fill it filling. Good. And just making sure we don't wanna talk about that this is a safe space, and there's no weapons allow, but unfortunately, like we know the bad guys do not comply with laws and we need to be able to protect ourselves. And I've been saying who's going to run for mayor and for years thinking about the young people say, send you sound like you could be a candidate for mayor. You love the police. Everything you've been saying, since she's hitting me getting on Charles love, like you do live in the city of Chicago. Lakeview residency. Taking care of wells spoken knows the issue loves the city. I don't know what else you, they maybe a couple of million dollars, but I mean to get it going. But why not because I'm too outspoken him to transpose? We need we need somebody who's outspoken unafraid to say what needs to be said and not gonna bite their tongue and say things to the pipers union at one then go over here to this union, say something else. I think you I'm a moral purist, and I think I would just inhabit infrastructure the sole corrupt that I'd probably end up firing everybody, you're fired. You're fired. You're. Everybody's out, we got to see who she picks it's going to be very interesting. But I don't know between you and Charles love. And I know Charles is listening author who's been on my show. Another fired up loud, proud black conservative. We've got an adult. You don't have to be a black conservative. I don't care. What is somebody has a conservative? They find it wants to run the city of Chicago. Let's get behind them, please, please, please next time if it's twenty one Democrats zero Republicans we have lost again. We need to make sure that we take advantage the next time because all the platform is that if one hundred years they've ruined the city give us a chance three one five nine one eighty nine hundred back for alive men ministry.

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