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Got exhortation has that spattered up and what you talk about get on your horse again and she's very tackle Russell Wilson otherwise I thought the gate for probably another ten yard Marshawn Lynch is a it is the only back Wilson under center they have this receivers Metcalf unlock it slotted right they get Ammar shot off the right side this press one of the games will get inside the forty five they get dropped on the forty Niners forty three yard line they need some energy in the stadium had beast mode trying to provide it there with a six yard game he's gonna stay in as well no one was out there and IT support fifty dollars tire gets pinned down inside there and I'm not sure of Richard Sherman was supposed to be skipper Jimmy ward was supposed to be in there but Seattle got a blocked up pretty good for Marshawn Lynch to get self pay your eight yard gain eight yards before in his previous runs all night tonight when he had five runs now they have a bunch formation lap lock it comes in a wham block to get Solomon Thomas a twenty seven yard line he got I was able to as one of the night the forty nine or twenty years Fred Warner blocked up legally the center got to the second level got Fred Warner blocked everybody else locked up out the gate right down the middle of the field for Marshawn Lynch Lynch will take a play off the rookie Travis Homer comes in they've not used Robert Turbin all night well said and a gun Jacob Hollister comes in motion but stays tight left three receivers laughter web med cap right we'll send a boy to second floor one is there more with the judge in the back of the there is no question about it's coming the forty Niners the left guard Mike Iupati has called for the hold it again the touchdown as David Moore ran.

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