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Show about men's mental and physical health, hosted by me, Dan Murphy, with a guest list that includes John herdman, Kelly Rudy Dallas Smith and many more. Our goal is to have real conversations about the things so many of us don't prioritize, lowering stress, eating healthier, getting active and the impacts of not taking care of ourselves. Don't change much as about encouraging men to make simple changes. Better health doesn't have to mean overhauling your lifestyle. All right, Bruce gasket now joining us on The Rain breaks hockey podcast and Bruce, what a wild couple of weeks it's been for you, but you know, was it instantaneous? As soon as you kind of got over the media shock of being let go by the Boston ruins, you're like, all right, well, I know I want to be on an NHL bench next season. So let's just see what the interest is. Yeah, Darren, that's the way it worked. I wanted to go right back to work. I mean, you need an opportunity to do that. So, you know, that's something I put out there right away. Obviously, you know, it has to be a good fit. You know, both professionally and for your family. And likewise, for the team that's, you know, reaching out to you. So that was definitely my intent and I was able to get it done. So when dawn Sweeney comes to the house, not really thinking that this is maybe what's going on, although when he shows up, maybe you got an idea..

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