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Got the. I got the best compliment advert today. Not that. I guess. Before they all run the. Martini used to bash the head. What was? Just all over everything. He said to me, he goes, you know, you used to say that the show is a variety show. And I never liked that realize. We've made progress. Progress? If you're from New Orleans. Baton rouge. Archbishop rumble. LSU? And you know, EDI MARTINI can you? Call up here. Because I was told he knew everybody New Orleans. Came by stop at gas stations. Y'all know eighty MARTINI. Keep that knows. They know Danny Martinez, brother. Brian martini. Father lee. His brother, the priest know all them. The no his wife. Liz. Son. Mitch Bailey, bro. But nobody knows EDI. Martini. I'm Don to find somebody that knows anymore teeny. He said he was a big deal. Viney by knows. That's words, not ever have to read again in my life. Thirteen year old only has a few days left to live. Jessup nobody should ever have to write in their life. S words, just don't go together in the same sentence. Celebrating grown as work man and lesbian woman. More friday. Drive home on the Michael berry show. Before your head hits the pillow hit up, your smart speaker. Twelve hundred w away. I n I heart radio. I set your alarm. This is a weather bulletin. I'm Brian Gant in the storm alert center update you on a new warning. This is a tornado warning that was just shoot for Lupe county that does include this again area thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado located over Marion or about seven miles east.

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