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We began with ride Gilmore and really was great to talk to ride He's on the west coast a little bit about some of the players out there are looking for he needed interesting prediction he said happening on the West Coast West Coast is going to spread to the SEC sec big twelve and big ten. We still haven't seen a lot of that It's mainly headlines it has we have not seen any. CONVERSATION THE COMMISSIONER Of the pack twelve Larry Scott said last night that he would be willing to meet with the players and There's no surprise alert. Scott has always been a cordial guy. We had him on the show about a month ago and I would think he would. He would certainly be agreeable. I don't think some of some of the demands are going to be met though, but that's not really the issue at the moment the conversation I think the most important thing. Jerry is up next in Georgia Jerry you're on the air go right ahead. I Paul Thank you for taking my call day. I'm another one, those white southern males. Than, talked about I hear you I can relate to that. But anyway what I wanted to ask you about I read this a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been able to get in. To. But read that you were not going to be on the Sec pre-game show this year. that is correct. Yeah. It's a marcus spears and I, both are moving on from the show. I. Think they've announced exactly what they're going to do although it has been heavily speculated and the two that have been mentioned. Jordan. Rogers and WHO's the other one I think of it in a second are are certainly going to be good good replacements but you know. Roman Harper is your choice and We Marcus did every show for six years and had a great time. But sometimes, you feel like it's time to do something else in that slot. Now by the way I. I mean I'll be able to do whatever I was planning on doing considering the football season is in peril and travel is up in the air but but those decisions were made some time ago. Quayle on You know what you might have sleep for this hall but you know one thing I tell you. What would I would I hope is up my sleeve this fall Jerry is doing what you're do you will you would like to do and everyone else watching and that's watching college football. I'll take that regardless of whatever my plans were. Understand that I am with you. But we will miss you well. Thank you I. It was one of the great experiences I've ever had and and it's one of those things that you decide and you really don't WanNa talk too much about because. They're we we've been through so many more important things over the last five months than what I will be doing on Saturday but but thank you for bringing that up and. Let's hope that that show gets off and running and is out on college campuses like it's always again David is up next Hey David good afternoon, and welcome to the program. How you doing today, we are doing great. Thank you for calling. Man I appreciate you taking my call I'm starting to feel as Impor- design man and Daryl and GM. Get through nobody nobody could ever be that important they. Talk to you like the last caller said I don't know why. You wouldn't replace the master in the world with somebody else but. If we have football, we'RE GONNA mission. Well, thank you. I'll be around. I'm still still be doing what I'm doing right now. I just just a couple of things. I WANNA I WANNA of say, I'm a dog pride season ticket holder. And I got an email offering my tickets back. So I just wonder when somebody's going to come out and say, Hey. We're not playing so well, I would tell you this. I don't think you're going to hear anybody say that David from some time because. I. Think the schools are making plans to have football. I have never have not heard one school yet who? Who has said anything to the contrary I just think the issue. I mean given the SEC credit they're taking a spider with everybody said for four months at the SEC would do whatever it had to do They are taking the most conservative approach of anyone based on what they're doing with scheduling the first game practicing, and we're still waiting to hear about what the actual schedule look like. But but I think the Commissioner was here the other day and he has been very. Very explicit in saying we will we will let of the events of the day and the virus and and everything else dictate what we ultimately do. Steve is up next in Kentucky Steve Thanks good for him. Good afternoon Paul First of all to thank using the question i WanNa thank you and your staff for all the great. People you bring onto your show. Thank you jury and lightning, and I really enjoy it second of all. Thank you for clearing up the thing with the eagles. I had a two hundred dollar centre court tickets months before. Glenn Fry died. And they put on a hell of a concert two hour forty minutes sets. My question. I think Glenn Son Played A. He may still be with the group that he played He took his dad's place for a while and then I think Vince Gill came. Yeah. For those who missed the first hour? Somebody called up and typical fashion I with my head was elsewhere and he said that he he'd seen the eagles after Don Henley died and I just kept going wrong. And finally. Dawned on me that Don Henley is alive and well. But Glenn Fry Gwen Fried Eagles the founding members were primarily Glenn Fry. Don, Henley Joe Walsh a couple of other real great great entertainers were part of that group but those are the guys who wrote Co mo all of the all but maybe to hold of the eagles. Biggest hits. You know who gave them their best start? You probably ask the the right person for this I'm GONNA guess it's Jackson Browne. Linda Ron Slay Ron's down as opening act. Okay. When they went out to California I. Okay. The reason I said Jackson Browne's because he wrote take it easy He he he had written all but like one verse and then Glenn Fried Rabbi's House and they finish the song and. Not the Jackson had had a bad career. He had an epoch career, but that became one of the first really big hits for the eagles. Great. The my question is this transfer mixed. That's going on not just with coronavirus but be on that. How do you think it's going to change the shape of? The sports unthinking particularly with the wake forest transfer to see UK elitist SAR it's still up in the air. Yeah I think the transfer Porto. Has Revolutionized the sport Steve and I think it will continue to. It was a good idea that. Probably took too far and you know I think I'm all for it. I think there should be some teeth in it two teeth in it where I made this reference. Once before you ever played in a golf tournament at your local Church or or boys club, you walk up and they stay sell you mulligans and to me the the transfer of Puerto ought to be about buying one mo again, not a not being able to fifteen hundred hundred..

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