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Don't buy into the conditioning that women have to be lady like in Dos. I'll and all of a sudden raid. I I'm not even joking Murphy. I got goosebumps. And you said my motto is never seen fear. That sounds like something out of a Batman movie. It's very cool. I like listening to the hell but syllable of back to the just another couple of questions I wanted to ask you. So the or the European data protection office is pretty much your brainchild something. You founded and from my understanding a big reason why you founded. This was so bad. Non European Union companies shouldn't view the GDP as an obstacle to international trade grab. That's absolutely it any you know. I'm big defender of international trained and I think it's very beneficial for everybody right and you come up with you. Know a regulation. That's there to protect the individuals and the privacy rights and their you know any at all of their personal data. I think that's fantastic. But it shouldn't be an obstacle to train. So I you know from the very get l was thinking. How do I play a role in this to help? Companies to continue to be able to have access to the EU market into the EU customers and and vice versa. Rain and reconciling these two different types of principals protection of the EU individuals in the privacy rights and international trade and cleaned this. This was yeah my way of having. I hope a little impact very very solid.

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