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Look for years and she's a whole lot of a jury side for all that's gonna look trying out I wonder how the new Michael affect things like your Luke Walton and your other deep voice I think it's going to benefit because you're already deeper and richer while I do I what yeah you have any yeah yeah yeah yeah wow I'm telling you I was really sorry I felt the same thing main Starkey ME Starkey sounds rich while yeah rich like a Cup of coffee might want a poor one my friend was to do that when we start the week you know there's a lot to enjoyed a lot to celebrate here with some Victorian folly sound beautiful I I I I I got to get over this myself I don't know what to say I mean I don't know because I'm in love with police voice let me talk it over with my with my friends and studio over a nice fresh pot even that sounds good Grohl whole new lease on life yeah a whole I don't know when they did this but but thank you good stuff good stuff will welcome back everybody at the drive back from Tahoe was good every was good and in a full on weekend of giants ball as for the minute yeah giants fall now jansport is something going on is going on cope said this morning and I said you know most of you to pick apart coaches context to pick a fight with challenge him but he actually said I nodded along as it was had never did you but he's a when's the last time we open the mikes on a Monday morning in the giants with the lead story may of twenty sixteen they have twenty or twenty sixteen maybe because we the warriors owned it all the way up and then N. B. A. free agency owned rice couple weekends too and then if the giants just continue to suck the way they did in April and may we would be talking niner football yeah as we would yeah would be or just be written on all the crazy stuff that it might be found over the weekend now dude now winning games are coming up with runs in in crucial situations there answering when they're down there fighting but I mean there's a lot of positives right now is some crucial and there's some answering Tyler beating suddenly I'm I got to get a song for his kid I mean what are we doing here you might hold it might be time it just speaking of the **** cat in the lab I was thinking on the way in listening to the salon highlight we may have to dump don Corleone for don so long you know what I'm saying dude I mean who's the more powerful don you need if you were the owner John Solano if you need a double you just get so on a on the phone and tell him you need to help take care of it do he's all about just getting on base and wreaking havoc you come to me on the day of this brewers game asking for a favor I grant you the favor of an RBI double may your favorite be a masculine favor yeah and then Friday night the five homers the five that's almost too much Hosey grand slam she probably do a whole show on that yeah you for hours on that we've been killing that guy and that was his first Grammy since twenty fifteen I know about that I know and yeah and then of course get your Stransky leg and things out votes rake in balls with the pull back would be with the square and pull back how would be shown bond pulling back B. I. single in fact before we will feel it yeah it less yeah I'll score in Milwaukee yesterday if you missed it if you gave up on the giants who are still six games under five hundred by the way Jay is aids brewers three so good so you have a fern is like eleven games under five hundred this feels ball lot better well yesterday forget the five on Friday Brandon belt I psalms at how about it.

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