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Good morning dj mb. Happy thursday. Just one more dance weekend up guys. Yes so if you haven't guessed already. I'm waiting for charlemagne and nbc. Show up to work today now. I'm not in new york. I'm atlanta so. I'm not sure if this type of traffic going on. I don't know if the two of them are together. But i do know they both living in the same direction so maybe something happened. Perhaps may both of them late a lot of times. They walk in together. I'm not tell you what you hear them envy. I don't know if you guys are working together. I was going to say a couple of days ago and go five minutes before the show starts angelique. He's not here now you here. I'm in atlanta. But what you doing letter. I can't talk about it yet. maybe not at all. I don't know. But i will say you walked in your member that shows yesterday days ago. Go yes so. I'm used to that you guys together. Oh now we gather today charlemagne's here okay. There we go here at the same time all the time. We came together because the show starts at six. Am and we both know we gotta walk into the studio. Bicycling him on late now working on. La's not Isn't that works though. 'cause you're supposed to be in there when we're on an networks good morning so you're not gonna tell us what you do atlanta. I had an emergency. So yes. But i'll be back all right right. Well you and your emergency well as today. The great morning man because we had some amazing energy some divine energy. Here in this studio What day was that. I don't remember. But today i only wanna call it throwback there. Let's call it timeless thursday today. That's right timeless. These brother that we have in here. This morning are absolutely timeless. Yeah jimmy jam. And terry lewis will be joining morning man and they still look the same as they did like in the eighties and nineties. They look the same in. And if you don't know maybe live behind rocco. You don't know who they are. They are the brothers that produced everybody in the industry from janet jackson to assure to michael jackson to Who else they're mariah carey. Mary j blah's teeing so many people. I wanna know who has lived behind the rockwood envy and reckless. Yes one hundred behind may be behind them. Listen here's the thing though. These guys are legends. These guys icons all of that. Feels like an understatement. But some conversations just fill your fill your spirit and this one filled my shalimar lord unless goes on All right well. Let's get the show cracker front page news. What we're talking about. Well i told you. I'm in atlanta. And so let's talk about these new mask. Mandates with the cdc is now saying what these numbers are looking like. It's not looking good all right. We'll get into that next. Is the breakfast club. good morning. Well molitor morning everybody is. Ej envy angeliki charlene. The guy we oughta breakfast club skins front page news right when we start we well. Let's start with kobe. Tokyo has seen that third consecutive day of record. Kobe nineteen cases and so they said at least one hundred. Ninety eight cases have been reported as linked to the tokyo games as thursday. They are under a state of emergency which is in effect until august. Twenty second now the. Us has also reported their highest number of new cases in the world so there is some assertions the delta variants spreads and some more than six hundred and eleven thousand americans have died from kobe. Nineteen just fifty seven point six of americans as twelve and upper fully vaccinated according to data. And the cdc has cited new science on the transmissibility of the delta variant. They also changed mass guidance. They now recommend everyone in areas with substantial or high levels of transmission vaccinated or not where a mask in public should remember. Took off So i'd take that guidance lessee land's bottom signed an executive order require mass inside all public places but i was what what does that affect Like baseball and he's concerts and he shows you going. It's like she say you know crazy. I hear people discuss how we should listen to experts and scientists and not focus on social media and i agree but man when the experts make foolish decisions like this that defied just simple common sense that we all have is very easy not to listen because common sense would tell us not to take the mask off common sense. I said last year. I'm always wear my mascot airport from now on right so dollar asians. We used to see all flights where and math. And we wondered why. Y'all were ahead of the curve and i'm never taking my mask off at least at least at airports because everybody's control it doesn't mean you stop you. Stop wearing condoms right. But i will say they never said you could take them often the airport like you could take them off they said if you were vaccinated you can take your mask off. The airplane anywhere is that if you were fully back not in the airport. I thought i said anywhere. The input you have to wear airport. I was talking about you still in general. I'm just saloon ages because that's what we used to see them at at the era with the mask on but i'm wearing my math in public places period for the rest of my life just because it seems like it makes sense and you saw what they said flu cases. Drop because everybody's wearing math for things of that nature. Why not well. Disneyworld did bring back the indoor mass requirement for our guests all guests like you said in atlanta. You are required to wear masks indoors. New york city off at one hundred dollar incentive for vaccination that starts on friday so anybody who goes to a city run vaccination site for their first dose of the vaccine will get one hundred dollars and this is because there's also surging cases in the city as well they said driven by of course adults delta variant. They said the last friday. The average of new delhi cases with thirty two percent higher than a week prior and we got a lot going on right. Now you have really be careful at least. We're your mask when you're i was watching. Cnn last night and you know You know everybody keeps trying to blame the unvaccinated but they had a doctor on last night and she was saying that vaccinated people can pass it. Each other and evacuated. People can pass to so sounds to me like everybody should just practice. Those who business continued away their math. On the way i was driving in. I i listened to the news on the wind and i joe biden. Say something like If you haven't got your vaccination yet how did he put it medicine. Like if you ain't get stupid and i'm sitting here like this president while you find audio yeah right. They will find audio off. I'm like what minutes not that bad. Take what did you stupid if you and get you vaccination and a lot of people. Just don't feel comfortable getting vaccination but that's his opinion. If you feel like people stupid i give you. The president man has suggested their data has suggested third dose of covert nineteen vaccine strongly booth protection against the delta. If the if the first two aren't protecting people from it. Then why would i get it. They're gonna think this went through guys. Come on come on right. They are still saying though that if you do get this and i just want to continue to reiterate this if you do get the vaccination it does lower transmissibility and likelihood that you'll get it. That doesn't mean you won't get it but it lo- is that likelihood and i'm lois the attic and hospital. Get information you say cds even saying anything more died they said i think ninety.

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