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We WanNa see is one of the most popular guys went door. He was near the leaderboard yesterday. Just show him I'd be lying if I said I wasn't praying for Bryson. Matthew of Kalat collapsed NC sneaking a w. that would have been fucking phenomenal. It would've it would've been really cool. He he, you know you kind of knew he was going to be a too far back just with Bryson and the par fives and the fact that he can make easy birdies. End Matt Wolf was fallen off a cliff, but then kind of bounce back which I think he kind of needed. He's clearly you know he's won, but he's clearly young I think we all found that out. During the little skins game at seminal, he's young in every way in his attitude in his maturity level, and I imagine that seeps into his experience out there. was at one point. You look at the leaderboard. It's like without fifteen people. Everyone's under our except Matt. Wolf was over our but he turned around. He had a great. Great, finish he put a little bit of heat on which was cool see he gets a solo second for eight hundred thousand dollar, so a big week for Matthew Wolf I saw Danny Willett with the tied for fourth..

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