Winters, Nixon, Iraq discussed on Zero Blog Thirty - ZBT #44: Remembering Lt. Chase Prasnicki and finishing up Band of Brothers


I mean they're just human being so there she and his other human beings at a state that no human should ever have to experience so that was very trying on them and i think you sought when winters opens the railcar and their bodies dead bodies stacked on one another and it is very evident to me at least it look very evident that he was fighting back tears because he didn't he didn't know what to do and then these these years you see these people and you want to help them you can obviously see that they are on the brink of death and you want to help them but you don't know what to do it was really really powerful and then when you contextual is it at the end of the episode and they give you the numbers you see a cap your brain round that par was born winter open up the door and he could see that that probably really powerful and then when the older gentleman this comes up and starts kissing the sergeant cheeks yup and saying thank you thank you that reminded me of some experience that we saw in debt nixon wondering if we at any point in the war the sergeant going through while he was in the fighting position wondering if they had done anything worthwhile a year of combat niece just sick of it and then this moment happens and it's almost like a point of clarity for them that something was so horrific that this is something that we absolutely needed do they had those moments i think what as like a veteran of luge i had that and a moment not nearly to the same degree but being in the city when girls were allowed to go to school the first time to get education washing mothers walk third drop girls school that's why the fall of legit the isis was so painful because it was one of the things that i could tangently wrap my brain around like this war in iraq was worth it whence wants iraq felt the isis it was like a fresh new cain of war or wounds was opened again like everything that i went through everything my friends went through it didn't mean a whole lot the guys in world war two.

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