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Feelings you've physical physical feelings. ORF sensations emotions travel schedule changes anticipates anticipatory miss people that mispronounced announced of Anticipation of somebody mispronouncing it. Uh whatever's keeping awake at Lake to take your mind off that what am I do a Safely set aside here with you. Just don't I said safe place set aside. Maybe think of a seesaw. Uh which I don't know if a seesaw has ever come up and that's actually something that might be dated reference for some you. So maybe we'll talk about this because you know the things they talk about two intro together sound good see-saw sounds pretty good and maybe have me be able to make a metaphor for about with the podcast is but what I'm really going to do. is to have a nice safe place here. That's what I was saying before my brain see-saw away Ian Ian now trying to say we'll skip focus on the new listeners to your brain so I have a nice safe place here plenty of room. You could check it out from the outside outside and decide if you WANNA come in. If you WANNA stay out there you know I got awnings again gets to we could pull some chairs Out here or lounge and then what I'm GonNa do once you get settled or as you get settled semi voice across the deep dark night. Menus lulling soothing. Creaky dulcet tones. Oh so creaky. 'cause you might say scoots what about. What about Marmite Marmite Man That's what the current word is an. Oh that's a concern some places in the world today when I'm recording this now in your here name and I'd say don't were you know I'm here to keep you keep you talk you in a tight or right if you're concerned about your I stock. Marmite your brand will be fine it. You might just transfer ownership. It's not a big deal it's important it's not as they say it's not important to you or to. You might say well what tomorrow might say. Well we'll have to. We've talked about it in other episodes it's spread it's delicious savory anyway this because they would say well. I don't know if that's a good metaphor for the bad caz semi Ip. It is because it's a big gooey. It's you see. It's an accord taste So yeah where was Oh so many semi voice across Dietrich along soothing. Creaky dulcet tones. Pointless meanders superfluous tangents in. Here's the thing if you're new really here to keep you company as you fall asleep sleep to take your mind off of stuff as you drift off So if your new a couple of other things to no one spot guest is pretty nonsensical a little bit goofy in. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense so kind of consume it with an in his heart. When you say what is this marmite stuff you WanNa give me? which wants you try it? It's something we love or it's a big part of our in. We want you to okay. Well try it with an open mind. Not like if he gets to to somebody's house and they said well we only eat Mar.. Might in this home you say do would you like for breakfast is our guest. Well what do you who we have and I have a having in a lake this well. No we only marmite ear that you would have a different Probably Outlook You still try to be a good guest and consume it may create some internal feelings about the marmite instead of being like. Hey why don't you sit down and try some of this Plenty plenty of other options though to see how it goes in you could even say well let me know what flavor notes she taste or what is the smell. What is some mouths feel? How is it on the toast? How'd you blake? You're toast That's only partially. How do you want me to do do? Do you want to send spread You know a six spread so kind to consume it like that liquor eating something that you're open to on toast awesome. What does this here? Is this a creaky Dole. Sit in it say. Oh yeah that is it's creepy dulcet. Steeped in pointless meanders always with the little current little black currant in there too. Oh boy said it is. It's like It yeah it has a little a bit. Oh Mommy and I will that Samara might actually. That does then. NASDAQ NATTA pointless meanders. That's this does a dusted it with pointless. Meanders hinders so kind of consume it with a like a loose open mind you know like not open mind like well let me see if I liked us you say well what is awesome even neck like me and then you could say well. What if we had? VEGEMITE marmite tasting. And you to scoot. Did you like saying those words. Almost as much as Cisse If I can find way you see oh yeah well we're GONNA do it. We're not we're not gonNA taste anything on the sea so were spread anything and the see saw. Know.

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