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Step up. Kate Anderson, God bless you, thank you. I don't know is it come easy? Hey there folks. Exciting news. We're going into the home stretch. That means that my book is launching, I can not believe it. As the author, you work so hard on something. I work really hard on this book. And there's stuff in here, which I promise you is going to blow your mind. Alvin, you've been reading it and you've been having very positive experiences with it. When a friend tells me, you know, what he's reading. Yeah, I've been reading it and it's fascinating. It's blow your mind fascinating. No, I mean, it is. And it's not because I wrote it, it's the stuff that I'm writing about is inherently fascinating. And so, okay, two things. First of all, I've not mentioned this, I don't think before, but one thing you can do is you can ask your local library to carry this book, carry copies of the book. It's already a bestseller. And that would be really helpful. When libraries carry the book. So please, if you can, if you think of it, do that. I also ask you to think about buying copies to donate to libraries to school libraries. It's just important this information get out there and be available. And you'll see when you read the book, if you haven't already done so, if you remember the launch team, also, I want to say that please post your reviews if they're favorable. As soon as possible because there are a lot of atheist trolls out there and they work really hard to destroy books like this. Like they post one star reviews on Amazon and they've never read the book and stuff. So we need your help to please as soon as the links go live wherever it's good read your Barnes and noble or Amazon. As soon as you can, please post your reviews. It makes a big difference. And by the way, if Albert Albert Camus was still alive today, he'd be given this a 5 star review. Yes, he would. That's right. I mean, some of the craziest stuff in the book is the fact that Camus and SARS became believers at the end of their lives. No one seems to know about this. Don't ask me how I discovered it except by God's grace. But when you discover what you think, this is monster news. We've got to tell the world. The world needs to know whenever their names came up and say, oh, by the way, at the end of their lives, they accepted God. People are gonna think that's not possible. Well, you can look it up not only in my book but in the footnotes and the bibliography. I also want to stress we are doing a campaign for lines defending freedom. We really ask you folks to do I've become more and more free in asking, not just for money for these organizations or for people to buy my book because I feel like we're on a crusade..

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