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Three days, and we have a big rally a lot of people as always, but we have a lot of people and we look forward to it. Dr Anthony found she telling CBS News. The president is no longer contagious. After reviewing the totality of his test results, he and Joe Biden planned separate Town hall events tomorrow after their second debate was switched to a virtual format and later canceled a short time ago. The president, also saying his Supreme Court nominee is doing an incredible job at her confirmation hearings, facing more pressure. From Democratic senators on day three. Think Senator Durbin. There's actually something you and I agree on here. Judicial activism is bad from either side and no matter what somebody's policy preferences are about the I completely agree with you. They shouldn't be trying to undermine the policy that Congress enacted Judge Amy Cockney Barrett, insisting she would bring an open mind and no agenda to the court if confirmed. Treasury chief Steve Mnuchin, throwing cold water on hopes for a stimulus deal after his latest talks with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Though talks are planned to continue, Dow dropping 165 points America is listening. This report is sponsored by Inspectorate E H. R. That makes a difference. Staying connected continues with 1061 FM talk interesting numbers from the State Board of Elections on race and party identity that from Kyle Wilson. Since the 2016 general election more than 37,000 black voters in North Carolina no longer identify as Democrats activist Antoine Thomas with the Blacks if movement told ABC 11 in Raleigh, it's a pivotal time what tells us that's what legends stares at forefront. We believe in a free thinking Andrew Taylor's, a political science professor at N. C State. There's also a sense that partisanship and polarization Kind of unattractive terms, and I'm goingto vote. However, I want and that's a way of showing that you're like overall the total number of North Carolinians to move away from a particular party more than 218,000 in the past four years. I'm Kyle Wilson. Tonight is tonight Governor Rory Cooper and Lieutenant Governor Dan for a square off in their one and only debate before the November 3rd general election. The debate will be hosted by the North Carolina Broadcasters Association. Headed into tonight's event. The latest poll conducted by really clear politics as Cooper, maintaining a solid double digit lead over Forest Sorry, county sheriff's officials investigating the death of an infant. The infant's body was found yesterday morning at a home on Indian trail southeast of Mount Airy. It's not yet clear how the infant died with Sheriff's Department's Criminal investigation unit was called to the scene. No further information has been released UPS expanding in the triad, and that means more jobs are coming to the area. Governor Cooper announcing UPS will invest $315 million in two sites in Guilford and elements counties. The company plans to extend its existing up in Greensboro and build a new package. Car center at N. C. Come Our center in Graham Cooper says the site will create some 600 jobs altogether and they'll go up over the next four years. I'm Scott Kimbler. From the wake. Radiology UNC Rex Healthcare Traffic Center eastbound I 40 is slow between Jones Sausage Road on Highway 70 Business Way. Have accidents on Newburn Avenue west of 4. 40 Nightingale Boulevard at CDC Village Way I'm Jack Wiley on one of 61 FM talk Absolutely gorgeous Morning, Mike. See Cloud or two.

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