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Katie Dearing Tyree, Miami, Campbell Jaylen Brown discussed on Gallant at Night


To a super ball that early it's quite the impressive accomplishment so even though she had a ham is still young coach he's forty years old and then you look at Sean McVay who so young it's ridiculous how young Sean McVay is being thirty four years old I don't know I I go I go make bay here so I go on sites here big big value it's close though it would not have been close going into this season but was Shanahan did this year with the forty Niners very impressive but but I do lean more towards McVeigh cycle McVeigh on sites finally let's go I will figure with this last week it was reported the Brooklyn nets were internally discussing potential trades for Washington wizards guard Bradley Beal nurse by the fact that the already signed a two year seventy two million dollars tension before the start of the twenty nineteen to twenty twenty season he's been a prime trade targets for teams across the league since the wizards haven't experienced any success in recent years your spoke to ESPN's Jackie Mohan said quote it's not the first time I've heard this kind of talk it's interesting to me I look at it as a sign of respect them doing good things and guys want to play with me and quote I'm sorry Dr site that should be favorites to win the peace if they had a Bradley Beal wow now is that with the help the changing Kyree yes soon rise probably time out twenty twenty twenty twenty one so yes so they're healthy you look at that Eastern Conference raptors very good year this year Nick nurse coach of the year the better the raptors Celtics you got Campbell Jaylen brown and you're really led by Jayson Tatum it Katie Dearing Tyree are healthy with Bradley Beal the nets are a better team the Sixers stop Ben Simmons needs to learn how to shoot a three point ball first Miami good.

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