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He's got some two hundred million homes and only twenty four hours to do. And that's a tall. Order for one man in a team of reindeer today will ask how might a certain gentlemen, in a red suit a Kurdish this task Jim Metzner, and this is the pulse of the planet. Now, how could Santa Claus possibly deliver? All those presents in so little time. According to one theory Santa might be making his rounds in something called a relativity cloud. Santa Claus basically understands how to manipulate space and time, and he has created something called relativity clouds within which time and space are controlled Larry Silverberg is director of the Mars mission research center at North Carolina State university put the sleigh inside the relativity cloud. And that's what's enables the sleigh to get around the world. So quickly the reasoning behind Santa's cloud rest upon the idea that time is relative phenomenon. So what is the relativity cloud begins to move at very high speeds time Santa experiences. It moves more slowly. And what seems to be only an hour from our perspective is to Santa as long as a week inside. The relativity cloud time and space are different than outside the relativity cloud. If you're inside their relatively kind looking out, you see everything frozen. But when you're outside their relatively cloud looking in Santa goes by in a flash, this is why people haven't been able to see Santa Claus. Or if they do see Santa Claus. He appears and disappears. So quickly on the other hand Santa when he sees us the whole world appears frozen to him from inside.

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