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GMT. Welcome to weekend from the BBC World Service with me. Julia Morrison here with me Sally leaves the London-based international risk and security consultant who's advise both British and Australian governments and Robbie bodies have British scholar an expert on T betton nationalities in China based at Cambridge University. More from them in a moment before that North Korea is reported to have again, testified a number of short range missiles, the South Korean joint. Chiefs of staff is reported as saying that the missiles flew between seventy and two hundred kilometers. They were fired into the sea from one San in the east of the country. Andrey Langkow is a professor and specialist in Korean studies that Kookmin university in Seoul. As a North Korean sort of want? This is what they are going to a few days ago there vice minister for foreign affairs, expeditious set eve Americans are not going to hurry up this some negotiations. Well, somos Caribbeans vote. Probably will do something different something you. It was a very clear hint. And now, they're sort of confirming it, and we should expect more things like that missile launches some suspicious activities as a nuclear missile sites. More of the same to happen in the next few months. These were short range missiles were the yes, they will. So technically North Koreans are not breaking any obligations in late two thousand seventeen and again in early two thousand eighteen they explicitly promised not to launch long range missiles ICBM that is indicated missiles capable overheating the United States, but they did not make any promise in regard to the short of mid range systems and the same promise about nuclear tests. So they has not breaking it. They just saying signal. Look we are here. And we are waiting something to happen as vice they can become dangerous again. Right. So I mean, what kind of political and diplomatic cow. Relation. Do you think Pyongyang is making here? Brill to say a great disappointment during their last summit with President Trump in Hanoi. They did not get any serious sanctions relief. And if you stay in many years, maybe it's time ever sanctions are having an impact on the North Korean economy. Therefore, they feel insecure and the Americans who also know that sanctions are biting. Now, they believe that the Cy time is on the American side. So they just waiting for North Koreans when the situation gets really tough to come this a lot of concessions so most Koreans Acehnese signal to the Americans telling the time is not necessarily on the American side. And if I don't negotiate knows guardians can go back to the previous mold of his maybe eventually even game tests of missiles capable of hitting York City. Maybe a sermon you create explosions. Everything as they did. And of course, it will be bad for Donald Trump really actions will be bad for the American security. So the signal don't count that will be going just to sit down and wait until our economy start completely collapsed, which I just wanted to ask you one last thing because you mentioned sanction biting how much are they biting? Now. Do you say it's a big question, which is discussed this morning. I spent a lot of time talking to my highly knowledgeable colleagues about the issue. It's not clear because prices on food remains stable. But there is a recently port of the World Food Programme about the voice, harvest, ingenious, largely because of weather problems. And there are reports about factories are closing because they cannot do any kind of foreign trade because current sanctions essentially ban North Korea from being engaged in any kind of expert'll impact. Accusations. They cannot sell anything overseas. They cannot buy anything overseas. Bayview exceptions saw office factories are closing salaries. Donald paid and Raza is fat. Andrey Langkow Koopman university in Seoul, Sally legally how much concern should there. Be about these short range missile test. You think will themselves not so much the issue, but we may be entering another phase of nuclear uncertainty with North Korea that this multiple missile tests has followed on an announcement of the reduction in in rationing to the population down to about twelve hundred calories a day, which would mean starvation with within groups of the population. If that continued for long, so the pressure to feed that population through this show of force, and and potentially and upgrading in the types of of testing that my heaven is very serious, indeed and the seriousness it isn't the threats, but we can see North Korea's working to a time line. Which is obviously to do with armored Saint hungering the country, but that once you get into nuclear uncertainty. The question is who's in control. And by what accidental and other means could we have a real threat. And quite frankly, it's a nonsense to think that the north North America is is at risk. It's Japan that most direct risk of any nuclear situation with North Korea. But on the politics, I mean, we had Singapore. We've had Vietnam. It sounds or the suggestion is that we might be back to square one on that. We're not back to square square one because the opening is again at this top level rather than the lower level talks are not working and the reassurance needs to be at the top leadership levels. And again, it's it's a Trump meeting with with North Korea and Trump involvement of the other countries that are involved, which means Russia and China talking of China, Roby anybody. In china? We'll be watching this very closely. Of course. Yes. If you cost your mind back even a couple of years, China was seen as the main manager of north Korea North Korea was seen as a client state of it that that notion has basically collapsed, but usually important for China to try to recover its prestigious strategic role in North Korea, and the Xi Jinping has met with Kim Dolan recently. But we still don't know whether the Chinese were informed about this these missiles before they happen, whether they still have a major role to play. But it's almost certain he says that this is an issue where the Americans need to be doing to the Russians and the Chinese. And of course, there's a long border between China or North Korea people in North Korea. Close to starvation Sally said that has a. Significance on that level as well. Yes. The China's very very uncomfortable about the prospect of more refugees escaping for North Korea and has a very very rigid control. Over those that managed to get across the river, the difficulty with the nuclear threat is that it is obvious that that China and other countries are going to have to feed that population America is going to see the any breaking in sanctions and fading. The population will give the leadership a chance to put much more into its nuclear program. So they need to be a level of ingredient that greatly involves both north and South Korea and the regional countries. It's forty minutes past the hour. The coronation of king Maha what your along corn of Thailand is taken place in the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Three days of ceremonies are being held as the country holds its first coronation. Vanity seven decades our chorus. Abundant in the Thai. Capital's Laura bicker. What have you witnessed in the last few hours, Laura? Well, at this kind of a spacious time of nine minutes past ten in the morning at time chosen and because it has significance within the cosmology. The king began what is as you mentioned a three day ceremony. This was the most important part that it was a purification of sacred water taken from five sources from around Thailand. This is then followed by an anointment and by eight significant public figures among them three former army commanders that kind of underscores the importance of the partnership between the monarchy and the military, which has actually ceased power here in Thailand twice in the last thirteen years, the king, then please this seven kilogram pointed crown on his head he issued his first Royal command. And he promised to rain with righteousness for the benefit of the time. People echoing the words of his father aim at his coronation nearly seventy years ago. Oh, and I've seen on social media that a number of people have really that. This message is really resonated because his father was well loved and well revered this afternoon will be a ceremony with leaders of the state heads of state and also the beacon of a housewarming party. Which is something we can perhaps relate to a little bit more. It's two and a half years since he actually became king. Is there any significance in that time lag between that moment and the the events that you're witnessing now? I think the last two and a half years has given people hear an idea of the claims of king Rama Ted might be. And I think they've seen a number of changes both within the palace his changed with the Telesis run. He is very intelligent of performance in has publicly outed staff and other things he's kind of grasp hold of the palace treasury, which has thirty billion dollars estimated worth. And also his very very close to the military's of former pilot himself. He flies himself, right? And he managed to train in military. Studies. Indefens- studies in both the United Kingdom and famously very very close to the military, and which as I mentioned has kind of seized power in Thailand twice over the last thirteen years. This gives people here in idea of the kind of king and that he will become during his reign, and I think the there's a kind of belief pan that they're entering. Different era, and what will the next few days? Bring by way of spectacle. Well, more of these have melting of biggest and Hindu rituals. So there's going to be a procession tomorrow where he'll go right and the city and visit various sacred temples on we're expecting to see members of the public lining the route. Although it is thirty eight degrees celsius outside with eighty percent humidity. So if it's a it's a long, it's a long time to wait for the king to pass, and we're going to see more of this going to be an LED lights show. So is more ritual more sediment, but he'll also annoyed yourself and envied declared head of the Buddhist religion as well. So and these kind of melting of Buddhist, and Hindu and theology the Hindu gods show, the Perez is bestowed upon the king. And the Buddhist theology is all about the good deeds that can can do. And that's these ceremonies are supposed to show. It can a balance of power that. I can't hold. Thank you very much. Laura. Laura bicker there in Bangkok to. To India now cyclone funny brought destruction to the Indian state of OD show on Friday. The cyclone brought down trees and power lines and damaged buildings but officials say a massive evacuation effort during which more than a million residents moved into shelters appears to have been successful our correspondent in India is Rahul tandem, the cyclone has really decreased in terms of its teach junior data the restaurant speaking to you from his capital Bhubaneshwar crossed into West Bengal. There were great fears that it would hit one of India's most populated cities Kolkata, but it seems to have passed by this morning that city now coming back to life. The airport has we opened, but here in Orissa, there is a huge cleanup operation that is now beginning and also the the problem is that because so many areas of the state of cut off. They don't have elect visited the telecommunication systems at down in the rural parts, we really don't know. How big the impact is being we know that a million people were moved. Into temporary shelters, but what are the conditions in their homes? How is it going to affect their livelihood that will only find out in the next twenty four hours or so as where be as we're able to move into those areas and see what damage has been done. How do people regard the way the area prepared for it before it arrived? If you go back to nineteen ninety nine when we had a similar cyclone ten thousand people died at the moment. The death toll is around.

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