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We're talking to Marissa Burnett a founder of the nonprofit voices of strength, but he's a tell us what you're demanding now. So what weird to menu? Now dashboard for years later. So many facts and Truth have came out all that. That I shared with the first narrative was not true, my brother was dressed, he would not, it's all students home before cops and he did not assault them. And make seen the video. I've heard the audio so we want full transparency, want his case reopen, but right now with everything going on in the country and police killings being brought to light and we are asking with other families that all of our cases be open because there is so much corruption. So much horrible things behind all of our Kelly's, so that is why I work with the other families as well because it's happening to all of us. How bad my brother story is which I just shared a piece of, it's horrible. But I'll bring families that I work with. They have similar stories just as bad just we have our own just unique twist to it, but ultimately we go through the same things. And I'd like to bring Roberto Rodriguez back into the conversation. Roberto, this whole issue of Reform. There's been all this talk now in the past year, since the death of George Bush about ways to reform or even defend the police. You have a long history in dealing with police abuse, what is your sense of where these calls were reformer transformation of policing are going to go? Is I'm in full support of all of that. The problem of what I'm saying is that if an officer simply says, they were there for their life, none of those reforms are going to help him, but that doesn't mean you stop everything that you can do is kind of like body cameras that that was not happening before. You know, accountability project, Etc, all that stuff off. I mean there's a number of things that have happened and number of responses. I personally, I mentioned a second ago, Thirty forty fifty years to life. That's the only thing that's going to stop this. However, long one of the things that we're doing is part of the project is looking at going to the international criminal court at the UN and the OS version. Also, we've gone to the UN before the convention on race and we all other races. That's not enough, is got to go to the criminal level where they hook down Nazi seventy years. After the fact, my research has mentioned family off. You know, Julius have no statute of limitation. That's why you're able to run down people, you know, and and when Marissa said is angry, every single family has a story and their power off and they have to live and re-live, you know, and it's, it's inhumane, you.

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