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I'm Joe Bartlett, President Trump calling for the nation to hell as he sport. His support is crumbling. Republicans now turning against him and Democrats want him removed from office were simple is a vote of the Cabinet. He might be gone already regarding impeachment, Republicans or privately talking about that is a real possibility as well, not just Democrats. If there were a vote in the house, I'm told There would probably be about two dozen Republicans that would vote in favor of his impeachment correspondent Jonathan Karl, the president, now calling for calm, though, and has promised a smooth transition in a video released online. Last night's 30 Hours after the assault on the Capitol, began, President Trump for the first time condemning the violent mob. He himself incited. You do not represent our country, the chaos they created, leaving five dead in its wake, including 42, year old Capitol police officer Brian Sick, Nick, who died Overnight. That's correspondent Mary Bruce the D. C attorney general, Karl Racine, telling Good Morning America criminal investigation is underway into that chaos, and President Trump could be among the targets to investigate not only those mobsters but also those who incited the violence. Five people were killed during the writing and guns and explosives were also found inside the Capitol more from correspondent Pierre Thomas 80 arrested so far with that mob having so much time inside the capital, a new worry national security federal prosecutors telling us the mob not only trashed the capital, but may have also stolen critical information. We're two blocks you and Governor Cuomo now battling over the vaccine. The mayor wants to give it to the one B group that includes police officers. The governor has refused. One B is over three million people. We're getting 300,000 dosages per week, so the supply is our issue. And a scary incident at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital Cancer Patient barricaded himself inside and open fire standoff began about 8 45. When a 65 year old cancer patient first barricaded himself in a bathroom that opened fire five or six shots. Heard nobody hit. Police spent hours trying to convince him to leave that bathroom. Then around midnight, the unnamed patient gave himself up to cops. So what was his beef? Well, police are not saying he was taken to Bellevue Hospital for an evaluation. No one laden w o R News News brought you today by Trinity Rehab 24 locations throughout New Jersey. Let's get our traffic check. Now. Here bring 30 Morning, Joe. What's happening in New Jersey on one of nine. You're still this overturned truck in the local lanes is heading north bound. By the exit for 78 22 21. Heavy delays there. And if you're heading for 22 west Bone and green Brooke, there's a collision by Warrenville Road. That's about a 15 minutes. Slow down those of you that normally travel the 78 Express lanes westbound. You still only have the right shoulder squeezing by indoor between exit 56 exit 55. This happened during the overnight hours crash involving two tractor trailers and a debris spill your Hudson River crossings actually, in pretty good shape on the inbound side, Alban on 4 95.

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