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Area to pay tribute to Bryant Kobe Bryant and his not just the icon a legend but he's a friend of so many people he meant a lot to everybody there's also massive tributes going on outside of the staples center where Kobe played for twenty seasons also where the Grammys being held as we speak Bryant is thirteen year old daughter Gianna are among nine people that are confirmed dead the national transportation safety board is sending a team of eighteen people the scene of the crash investigators will look at the pilots history the maintenance records and information on the helicopters owner and operator though it has been reported that Kobe Bryant is flown on that helicopter several times reaction is pouring inside of the passing of a forty one year old former NBA superstar Kobe Bryant we mentioned that as well as his thirteen year old daughter jian'an WWJ sports anchor Chris floor has more amid the horrible news of Kobe Bryant's passing the Detroit Pistons releasing a statement on the death of the former NBA superstar saying the organization joins the entire NBA family and expressing sorrow regarding the unexpected passing of Kobe Bryant his daughter G. ana and the other victims of Sunday's tragedy Kobe entertained and embraced fans in every arena he touched and he will be remembered by Detroit Pistons fans for the memorable moments he delivered each year at the palace throughout his twenty year NBA career as well as as long lasting impact on the game of basketball both on and off the court thoughts and condolences to the bright family the Los Angeles Lakers organization and everyone in the NBA during this most difficult time Breitling twenty seasons in the NBA playing in eighteen all star games winning five championships in MVP trophy and two Olympic gold medals Chris Fowler WWJ newsradio nine fifty closer to home try police investigating a wrong way car crash.

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