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Does call for a military uprising to oust longtime leader nNcholas Maduro Maria Bello was born and raised in Venezuela and a gathering of the Venezuelan consulate yesterday. She said many, friends and family back home taken to the streets. But it says a horrible because like a violent response from Florida wouldn't be as her price because that's that's exactly how he's people also rallied in union square yesterday, the US and dozens of other nations recognize quite oh as the interim president of Venezuela. Meanwhile, Madero is refusing to step down from office. Anti-semitic assaults are surging. According to a report from the Anti-Defamation League. WNYC's Matt Katz reports of the three hundred and forty antisemitic incidents in New York last year seventeen were salts orthodox Jews in Brooklyn where the primary targets. There's also a spike in anti semitic. Flyers by white supremacist groups in New Jersey, upstate New York. I've Bernstein is the New York and New Jersey regional director successful in helping to lone wolf individual become more and more activated deadly lone-wolf attacks against Jews occurred, six months ago at a Pittsburgh synagogue and again last weekend near San Diego. Nationally, fifty nine people were victims of anti-semitic assaults last year up from twenty one year before some New York City, council members say sexual harassment and assault and public schools has become a crisis. Helen rosenthal. Chairs the council's committee on women and gender. She says the education department doesn't have the staffing or policies in place to address it their best dancer was we put up posters at schools. Are. We pass out brochures. Some staff are trained there were thirty four hundred reported sexual assaults in city schools last year and after going from startups to behemoths in less than a decade. Uber lifts or essentially enacting a hiring freeze in New York City. WNYC shumita Basu has more. Uber in lifts say, they're not accepting any new drivers until existing ones. Leave the industry both felt compelled to hit pause because of the new wage regulations. That now require at base drivers to make at least seventeen dollars and twenty two cents an hour. Brooklyn councilmember Brad Lander who introduced the wage Bill says he expected it to play out this way gave them the incentive to make sure they've got the right number drivers out for the right there are so that customers gifted service and drivers and earn wage. New York is the first city in the country to adopt a minimum pay for at base drivers. Forty percent chance of some light rain later on this morning. Otherwise cloudy today with the near steady temperature around fifty two degrees. Fifty three degrees overcast right now in New York. It's seven seven.

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