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Okay. The problem is that really is all you got. He's he's had in Hollywood. He's headline. How many? And this is what's left of the crappy talk whittle it down to the valuable the things that matter. Hey, look who's in studio. Rob Harrison, what am I. I just figured out something I'm not I don't want to tell his shareholders this. But he he has not taken a vacation in about twelve years. Lovely wife were in palm desert for about a week went home for one day. Look where he's at right now. That's perfect. Package. I just want to know what the weather is Toronto right now is it sunny and seventy it's not sunny and seventy but it's disproportionately warm fifty five degrees. Fifty five. Here is January doesn't get that way. Great tabby, rob Harrison. Of course, the CEO of a company called global global gardens group there are publicly traded under the stock symbol VGA. Am on the on the on the Canadian Toronto venture. Correct. He s x venture exchange creating innovative non dairy products. We've had them on the air. And they're part of our small caps for people to as we pull the covers back on what it's like to be a public company and rusty nails right there in front of him has some sumptuous veggie and Ross Ross isn't isn't the product development department for vegetable on the side, and he's Buchan for a chocolate brand is chocolate on the horizon anytime soon, very close. Java plan. Hey, a little in their next time. So I have to tell you that my to millennials own who graduated from college this year. Both of my daughters are crazy about this stuff and all of their friends are dining know, how to get it. Well, it's easy. Now, they now they can find it. They live one of them lives in New York walk into a whole foods. That are funnier stuff and whole foods Detroit. We're in the whole foods in the Atlantic market now up around New York City, Chicago Chicago buffalo Boston that area. Talk about talk about on the shelf to right. Yeah. You're not looking. Section there. This product was launched specifically to be on the shelf to create a smaller carbon footprint startup require refrigeration until you get it home. So it's not in the chilled section. Russet, isn't a chilly section. Right. Yeah. So let's talk about it. Because you call it veggie milk. It comes in it comes in vanilla and unsweetened, and I think on sweetened vanilla also are the original original. That's what it is. Okay. So talk about exactly what it is. Okay. Well, veggie is founded on the premise that it's all vegetable based and the root vegetables. So the primary ingredient is pea protein protein ice foot. The next one is the root Casavant, which is top Yoka. That's weird. I didn't know Kamioka was was thing..

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