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All right. Thank you Dana. And let's get back to k CRA three. We've got a lot of weather to talk about chief meteorologist, Mark finan-? Well, Katie we have rain and fifty two degrees right now in Sacramento. And I think I could probably report that for the rest of tonight, and as well as the day tomorrow, it is going to be windy and wet for about the next thirty six hours or so in Sacramento, we've already picked up about a quarter of an inch of rain since it started shortly after noon today about by the time it really starts to wrap up on Wednesday morning. We could be seeing three to four inches of rain. That's a significant rainfall for Sacramento considering that our monthly average for February's about three and a half inches. So we could pick up a almost a full month's worth of rain. Just in the next thirty six hours that will have an impact on area. Streams and creeks as well. As some of the roads, I think we are going to see some roadway flooding probably for the morning commute tomorrow as well as throughout the day tomorrow, and maybe even up to Wednesday morning. Streams and creeks will take a little while to respond, but we will. Likely see flooding on areas like deer creek, maybe arcade creek near winding way and also have keep an eye on dry creek as it comes out of the Roseville area. And then eventually goes down toward L corn boulevard. All of those are going to be in play as we head into Tuesday night and Wednesday as the cumulative effects of all this rain takes place, so rain throughout the night tonight and during the day tomorrow, occasionally, windy, the rain begins to taper off on Wednesday. But we will still have occasional showers. Wednesday Thursdays looking like a better day. I'm Casey array three meteorologist Mark finding on NewsRadio fifty.

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