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Went to the donation page the bitcoin tip jar on your website and was sorry to see the blatant be cash propaganda it's been awhile now be cash is a term that people use who don't like the coin cash because they want to take the word bitcoin out of bitcoin katty so it's sort of like in it it's kind of like an insulting term tour debts pejorative it would be the same as calling you know bitcoin corby core or something like that because to me they're both bitcoin above came from bitcoin we're talking about bitcoin cash which that one's not like the difference between zone cash and z cash yet i would have completely different in that case and we'll tell you about then casual little bit later on but we were talking about bitcoin cash which came out back in august of last year when bitcoin had its very first ever and not the last of the very first fork where bitcoin became two competing blockchain's became two different cryptocurrencies one that glencore the other bitcoin cash and barely this guy is mad mad mad that we are accepting bitcoin cash donations he says here right i'm looking at this page and there's not even a banner there's i mean at the top of the pages bitcoin dot com on the but that's true on every page of the site he says i was sorry to see the blatant be cash propaganda it's been awhile since i've listened to the show so i had no idea you're promoting the big block six now it's a reference to a big bitcoin cash when it came out they increase the block size of their system and that was controversial because there are some people who did not want to increase the block size and just for the un technically inclined that means that if the block size increases that the bitcoin can handle more transactions per minute or per second and so some people are very very anti big blocks and so they'd therefore they are anti bitcoin cash because he's envious of their blocks in 'cause they're blocks are bigger than his usa he's got block envy so.

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