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Everybody else can show up and vote in person. And that would eliminate any chance for the kind of potential fraud with you saw. Yeah, you know, you know, Governor in exile stays the Abrams and the rest of our Mark Tate. You saw what they tried to do here in the state of Missouri? We were. We were a hair's breath away from having George Soros govern our our redistricting process for our state, legislative and Senate district, and, you know mark what they do is they try to crack into those supermajorities. They try to eventually eliminate those majorities. And then they get control of how your elections are going to be. Run. They epically. Failed here in the state of Missouri. They wasted tens of millions of dollars. Boy, did we get up? We got we got. We got lucky there, but that's what they're doing, marking all these other states. People need to wake up and realize. Every single race. The U. S senator governor to the president of the United States. The left has done a really good job of infiltrating some of these lower level races over the last 20 years in our county councils and our city councils and our fire district, and then they tried to get into statehouses. And then they try to do things with the ballot initiatives and they want to control all believers. Mark. They can't win at the ballot box right there. There. There. There. Issues fail when you're talking about socialism. Versus capitalism or the free market, economic freedom. You see that fails and Democratic Congresswoman Abigail Span Burger pointed that out along with several of her colleagues, so they can't win on issues at the ballot box. So we're going to do they're going to try to change the rules. They're gonna try to change the system, and they used a China virus global pandemic to do that. This time they were successful in certain states. Mark, Isn't it interesting that All the red states. The deep red steaks pretty much had all their votes and all the deep blue states had pretty much other votes. And why was it that all these battleground states had the problems? I'm not a big conspiracy theory, guys, but I also don't believe in coincidences. Yeah, I think you're onto something there. It's just weird that They want all those state houses the Republicans did, but somehow, Joe Biden got more votes than Donald Trump. Overall. How did that happen? Where they're your argument would have to be that millions and millions of Republicans voted for Joe Biden. I don't buy that. No wide for a minute, and I hope they continue the fight. Always a pleasure, my friend. Thank you. Something's rotten in Denmark and in Pennsylvania. Yes, sir. I appreciate it. Thank you very much. Thank you, Speaker Tim Jones. You listen him every Sunday night from 7 to 9 hear on the radio station. That's probably like a Denmark, Pennsylvania somewhere. We need to find that out. I suspect there is something rotten up there. 3142419797. I got time for your phone calls. I see Damon holding on there. We'll get.

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