Six Grams discussed on Sean Hannity


Was soon does winning he's cocky he's a little nerdy kind of unless you mean to me and kaki at the same time echo Dr bread Bayliss and I ask him if he would come over and hang out view lane let me know whether or not he was crazy the popcorn with the FBI it was a mere six grams instructor and I should have seen this right away is a sexual **** he gets around from the act of murdering the act of killing is the most dangerous of all sexual predators they will play in their murders carried the mail and he is a sexual status he he's the most dangerous section yeah I think has some issues some disorders that they should be a compulsive gambler is a layman's terms I think social I think he exhibited characteristics the compulsive where the inability the lesions of grandeur we had to know when we were dealing with people that if you don't believe me social five characteristics the five biggies there's no one reading of it as five or six different meanings in the literature we don't use it because it's kind of a cloak then Rhys is doctor Scott Lilienfeld an author is psychology professor at Emory University but it is still the study is a cop with the this classic work and it goes back to work as a man that perfectly clear actually was from Georgia classic book in nineteen forty one that went through several auditions call the mask of sanity the mask of sanity cold because he thought that they presented with a kind of consensus of being quite normal healthy they often seem healthy actually some cases even healthier now but deep down there's something very wrong with them delineated sixteen criteria that he thought were central to psychopathy the people to be charming on the outside to make a good first impression other people don't see poise normal also seem to be largely immune to anxiety and kind of neurotic quirks they also seem to show a number of interpersonal deficits they often are very self centered they often are manipulative and they also show a lot of aspects of emotional deficits often tells them to lack empathy from a don't seem to form very close the motion attachments to people it all of these people that you see a lot of behavioral it is a lot of things that they do that's very different from the rest of us to tell a lie a lot the tree lladro sexually promiscuous see themselves as the victims their problems as everybody else's fault but they're like insight into the nature and extent of the problems and my take on it part is that they just have very little capacity for introspection all these problems we keep getting calls I'm doing all these things it's got to be my upbringing or people treated breaks allies global global really their fault they will also impulse control exclusive contradicted short fuse when someone insults or threats then they make love very quickly that we have a very short fuse so it's a very complex picture I think what is that because it's really hard to just sort of summarize it looks likely argues against the Senate wolf in sheep's clothing it was very healthy well adjusted charismatic poise but the deep down there's something very wrong with that even for the defense team it was important to decide whether or not we most stable I wanted.

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