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On its own terms right that the economy was growing You know that you're you can't that that that they're these were response to crisis. Come back to where we started right. these were responses to to to to countries decimated by war by by by the great depression by the dust bowl by the civil war. And so what. I would here even just like a year and a half ago was like. Yeah but we were. We can't do that when the economy's doing well right And what what. What are the arguments that i made in favor of a green new deal style response was that it was recession proof with that if there was another economic crisis in capitalism produces these crises Cyclically that this was a ready made response to how to get the economy back on track in a way that that that simultaneously address other crises that we face economic in massive economic inequality systemic racism. And of course the climate crisis and with our moment with cova did we need obviously responses on this scale and now we have all experienced something that those of us born after the second world war had never experienced before. Which is this kind of radical change in a period of a year. We have all changed the way we lists radically right. We have all had to ask ourselves corp questions about what is essential in life And and that memory that we now have this very recent memory that yes. It is possible to change in the face of a crisis. That's the kind of thing that we need to harness down a faces a crime crisis. Joe biden was elected. Saying we're going to listen to the science And we need. We need that commitment. In the face of the climate crisis we need to be guided by the best science. Which tells us that global emissions need to cut in half in the next decade and for rich countries like the united states that have been polluting the most historically we need to do more and faster and we also have all these other crises and we can't pick and choose so we need to multitask like crazy. We need federal two problems at once. So i think that the that that biden has already adopted the framework of the climate justice movement in many ways. The thing i'm most hardened by another plenty. I'm not heartened by but the thing i most heartened by from this administration is back in a moment like every other moment of crisis since climate change has been a political issue whenever there is another crisis that could potentially compete with climate change. Climate change has been immediately sacrificed right. So they're they're focused than there's a financial crisis story. We can't care about climate change. We've got worry about the economy. I think what is what is really worth paying attention to about what we're seeing from. This administration is a victory of the movement is that biden has has been forced to say. No we have a we. We are in a time of. We've four crises economic health climate and racial injustice and and to keep them off front and center and to say we have to have we have to have solutions that respond to all of these crises. And if he can continue with that framework continue to be guided by both science injustice. As in this moment i think it will have impacts around the world. You mentioned justin trudeau and canada. I mean all already. Frankly the fact. That biden Move to to cancel. Keystones is putting trudeau to shame in this one of the things that i think you know in in in the us where only during the trump era the focus was necessarily on getting rid of trump's but one of the one of the most dangerous things about donald trump internationally was that he lowered the bar so much that governments were able to do incredibly little still look halfway decent because everybody looks good in comparison to trump so this when it came to justin trudeau came to power just before trump and and positioned himself as an anti-trump. It was just too easy to do. Right he did this on immigration and he did this on climate and and he did it on gender issues but the truth is what he did was extremely symbolic You know he would put it out. Means at the same time he bought oil pipelines to push them through indigenous land and so You know. I think that if we can keep the pressure on by To do more in. So that means not just kevin keystone but dapple and line three and really what we need is as you know the keystone principle which is no new fossil fuel infrastructure. Curious we are in a crisis. We need to wind down existing fossil fuel projects. We need a just transition. We need to leave no worker behind. We need to make sure that front line communities are first in line. I mean all of these core principles of environmental justice But you know if if if the us is doing that then it becomes a lot harder for governments like canada to talk out of both sides of their mouth as they've been doing and they've really gotten a free ride in the trump era in a trudeau. Like like i said. I mean he. He spent billions of dollars buying tar sands pipeline literally. Buy it from an american company that wanted out because there was so much indigenous resistance do this pipeline that goes from alberta british columbia. It's a massive pipeline expansion. The transplant pipeline That that that that kinder- morgan said we're out. We're not going to build this thing. Justin trudeau comes in spanish. I think seven billion dollars buying the pipeline and says are going to build it. We're going to personally build it. This is a guy who's saying. I'm a climate leader right. And after five years in power you can't point to a single major glean Infrastructure projects that this government has led is really change. The country right. They have spent five years fighting over oil pipe blocks. It's such a waste. it's so amazing. And so this is why you.

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