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Jay talking with Bradley, Jay WBZ, NewsRadio ten thirty. That is correct. My friends the pie. I wanna give you some an update on the podcasts. Kind of a two parter. We had the young conservatives in from northeastern. They were good. It was a good time. We learned about young nece, and we learned about young conservatives. Two hours. They stayed. Mark has ground that down into a podcast length shines it up and that is already up this morning. The opposing team the young Democrats their podcast will be up. It will be interesting for you to compare the two I believe that's the Jay talking podcast. I'll be away over the weekend. And then it'll be away for a week. And that's a good way for you to get your fix of Jay talking. If you need to has all the best guest. You Michael Coyne. The subway guy tonight at some point. We'll be up. As your Anthony samarco's. I know you have Anthony. So Marco, you could probably listen you could bench. Anthony, some Marco. I know you love him. You don't have to use headphones. You can you can play it just like you play the radio. Could be fun. I liked having the young Democrats. And I liked having the young conservatives on did any of you here both of them. And would you care to compare? I'm guessing that you did my observations were as follows young conservatives. The female of the young conservatives was very outgoing very opinionated. She I asked her point blank is the president tell the truth is honest. And I think she should have said, he's not entirely honest. But I don't care because. That would be the correct thing to say to say that he's he's absolutely honest. That's a credibility. Herder? I for me again. No supporters don't care if he's honest, and I get that. He's doing what you want. Who cares if he's honest? That's what she should have said. He's not exactly honest. But who cares, and she was very much pro president that was her primary. I think you're defining. Position. Whereas the mail was a bit more moderate bit, more centrist. And. She seemed to be the dominant force there. And as far as the Democrats go. Kind of interesting. They were younger I think they were a freshman and a sophomore and being a freshman means you're just you're almost in high school. So they were both pretty accomplished. The female of the two was. Dot. I would I phrase I call doctrinaire. She just was kind of the party line person. She was continued to support. She said all those things that Democrats say to continue to support. Senator warren. And. She would say things like it's a big tent? There's room for everybody. But the thing is you want to win. You're gonna have a big tent? Everybody hangs up, but you need to win. I was trying to talk to her about who would you like what what type of candidate? Would you like to have run your team for president? And. She was talking about. It's a big tent? Now, you need to you need to choose someone. I think I don't know. I think you've gotta go with. A fairly centrist person. And this is I don't know. Do you think that? There are a lot of women going around. Do you think that it? Hesitate to say this, but just strategically? That the candidate has to be a male. I've heard I think I heard Scaramucci say candidate has to be male. I heard somebody like a Joe Biden is Joe Biden too old. What about Joe Biden? And Kamala Harris, would you like that? Anyway, those two podcasts are complementary and they ones up now gather one that will be up soon. The Michael coin we talked the Michael Cohen the attorney. My one of my main men talked about Roger stone a lot. And he had a lot of insight into Roger stone. Open line six hundred seven two five four ten thirty. We have Tim and Winthrop Winthrop. Hello, Tim O'Reilly. I am a Republican Reagan and McCain guy, and I just want to speak out against the president. 'cause I just don't think he is got all here. And it's been horrible Republicans Republicans guest ignorant, white sheep, I know liberal. I don't like Elizabeth Warren. But that's not the problem right now. The problem is this guy in the White House. He's out of control and like I said before back in June. How is all? Call. I said Helsinki that change my mind. What do you think? Well, what about Helsinki and Helsinki? I was all for Trump until I saw like McCain saw I saw what happened. He goes. We got thrown out of the box. Mccain was still alive, and he was still it was a GED disgrace. And devotion said it and Michael Reagan Ronald Reagan's sunset it on his radio show in L A and Trump tweeted that he said, quote, unquote. Ronald Reagan is no backing or this president is not my president. And I still Republican, but am I going to have to go with the Democrats here? Like, we we to go from like, quite Mr. McCain said, and what do you think? Well, I think that I I the you don't hear many guys like you say that your Republican that's against the president. And that's that's sorta refreshing who do you think that you would vote for right now? I have to vote for Biden, even all liberal. But I can I really Warren. I can't stand liberals. But that was my whole thing online. But I he lost me. Mr. Trump has lost me and a lot of my friends, and that's why Republicans out there like the bushes. Reagan's. And then McCain, Mr. Ronnie, they do not gophers line of BS. He is he is he's compromised one hundred percent by Mr Putin. I am absolutely certain of that. And all these people are even talking about it. Well, I appreciate that very much Tim, you got it. All right. It's good. It's interesting to hear is there. Any other any other conservatives are Republicans that are turning away from the president or you sticking with them. By the way, the Democrats launch investigations into Trump's tax return now and administration. Yes. So they're coming after him poor guy. Can't catch a break. I mean after all these. Doing for the country. They just hassling a mother that let him do his job. Right. Would you like to see the tax returns? Oh, what does he got to hide? It's WBZ. Five hundred fifty one votes in the house and served under eleven presidents. Former Michigan congressman John Dingell has died in two thousand fourteen he told the CBS evening news. I wasn't sure we could pass the ten commandments in this place friend at one time colleague Representative John Lewis never gave up. He never gave in. He kept a face. He Dan champion. Some of the greatest shows of Daego played a key role in landmark legislation like the Civil Rights Act of nineteen fifty seven former Michigan governor, Jim Blanchard, the civil rights legislation of nineteen sixty four was the big issue and John stood firm and tall for civil rights in nineteen sixty four. And I don't think he's ever gotten a lot of credit for that. Because people just said, oh, yeah. Of course, you would former President Barack Obama awarded Dingell the presidential medal of freedom in two thousand fourteen CBS news special report, I'm Matt piper. You've done it. You've found that perfect place..

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