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And the thing that he really should this was? This was a moment but I think it was a mistake for us to come into the audition process. They called my name yet. Or what was your name again My Name Was Jersey was Jiang A. Yeah Dr Talk to Dr J. J. No I don't see your name. I'll just keep waiting. Yep I'll let you know if they call you. What agency are you with my own? The Doctor J. Agency. Yeah okay if I go there who should I ask for? It'll just call me so I'm right here. You don't have to call anybody. Okay just asked me. Do you have a entertainment lawyer? Take away a chance at this part. The gun deshayes a bullet with a face on it. As you did that you have our this is why we need gun control Right Jane get off your soapbox for once my soapbox a backpack and I and I carry it with me from room to room so it's always here okay. Well surely we can work something out. Jane and Mario read the roll together of Luigi and Luigi and Steve read the role of Mario so at the same time okay exercise we all who read. It just said the. Who's really who's reading. What Mario go you. Gene Refer Luigi for Mario Jane. Read for Mario Steve Ref- Luigi. I don't know if that's what I said last time. I directed Brigitte Bardot in and God created woman. And these are just facts about Roger springing up bartow. Every time I did for you you bring more beautiful woman who has ever leave on earth. Mr Vadym start interrupts just taking some lunch orders. What can I get you Great great will take a booth book at your excess weight. Recently Roger took a freeze as salad with a low dome That is Bacon I would take a franchise. Zoo Don You and also let me get a let me get a Italian Sandwich to picking up picking up the lunch orders for the crew. You know. There's no there's no bad job right now i. I wish I had a better job. I don't really like working and the cash register. Yeah that's not too bad though. I'm an actor. Why aren't you onset acting? Then they didn't do food order and the only way I was going to get. Somebody does if I went and picked it up like you're a PA. Are You Well I mean there's everyone's an actor onset so it's like kind of like a whole lot. That's an untruth. Let me just You're going to tip right because some come in and pick up food and they don't leave a tip and it sucks it's twelve yeah of course it How are you are you a sucker? No no no. I actually my own agency so pretty big time. So you'RE IN EGYPT TO YEAH. I'm an agent So how do you have in your bank account right now? Probably three hundred and fifty three hundred fifty dollars. Yes we're hiring here. Are you serious? I am serious. All right Actually I'll run that order If you don't mind runner okay. I'll totally Rad. Okay sweet okay and one more time from Zadok Noise you oh I thought we were hearing am I. I think this is very confusing. I'm not going to call cut. Keep going keep going. Whatever somebody make eye contact with me I to make contact? You look look usually believe I say it does allow die. Because I'm a woman I don't know like I said that it's just known budget. I'm so sorry look clear. And it's clear to compete with Mario and Luigi. Perhaps that's can read for this in the Dan. The funder for the part that boo goes to who is very shy. Okay I am chat. Goes Don look at me? Ademi Award for best. Supporting actor goes to look nervous. let me just say before. I read everyone did a fantastic. I know this will usually be the recipients job despite. Its wants to say watching everyone. Work has been fantastic. This past year. you know every year scrape but this year was fantastic so the waiter the award for best supporting actors in this envelope and when I read it will know the winter and that name was in here so let me just open it up. Really quick and It's a zipper this year. It's not an envelope. Normal of they have a zipper. So Jane Fonda Your Jane Fonda screaming her name like Pokemon And let me just zip this now just to be clear it just because it said supporting actor doesn't mean you're less than the lead okay doesn't mean in any way that this is a less award that this means anything other than like you know best actor actress best supporting actor still you degree. You did great money at this point. That is seen one. I think it was the I think. It was boo boo ghost an IT career at Gd it means owning the opportunity to play a crucial role in transforming how agencies operate join GDI T for challenging and impactful work that advances. Your career apply now at. Gd It dot com slash ged's employers though. We're apart these days sharing more so at Geiko we'd like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing you. Savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your. Diy Haircut fails thanks for sharing your inner lip sync star. Now it's our turn to share with the GEICO give back a fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current and new customers. Because we're committed for the long haul. The fifteen percent credit last year full policy term visit GEICO DOT COM SLASH. Give back for more info and eligibility seem to come to us from Sydney. Who wrote Hello Optimists I? I've long time I've never written a new podcast before. But you seem worth it. I started listening about three episodes in to your gas when I was working as a merchandiser at a large sporting goods store in Canada. My Co workers always commented that they knew where I was as they could hear the booming laughter echoes through the Dusty Rafters in the early morning hours. I now work from home as a pole. Dance instructor here that right and no one hears me cackle. But my two Gar. Hey now I always like suggestions. That are vague and allow you to work your magic. So here it is the first Monster Mash. Dance HOSTED BY GAY Dracula. Have Fun love you. All especially Craig. The luxurious tones of Craig. Cat Smells last name. Kokoska online is. It is kitchen. Just copy pasted Sydney from Vancouver Canadia. Thanks for picking me up. I'm sorry had car trouble. I'm very excited about the dance tonight and Were you able to pick up the costumes on time? Yes I got all of the costumes okay. There was a little snafu with Frankenstein's so I got Santa instead. Okay well Santa's is not really a monster. Depending upon the point of view of the child right trust true. My cousin. Tim Definitely was traumatized when his father dressed up as Santa. So Yeah I could go. I could put a an evil bent on it. Okay I guess well I did my best right. You know you through the maybe make the beard dark okay. We can do that. We can dye the beard. But you know I did. Put down a deposit for these costumes so we are going to have to forfeit that my mistake. I'll just lobby at attitude. So did you come through with all of the guests if I got the costume. You've got the all the guests of rsvp they're all going to be there is nathaniel going to be there. I I don't know why I'm asking. I'm just curious The faneuil yeah okay. You know what I mean. I'm fine with it either way and I don't think he's bringing anyone. Oh Oh what a shame. He's not seeing Linda anymore. I don't know just Arshi Peters themselves. Oh weird ha that's crazy. I can't wait to see him or not. I don't care either way All right I'm GONNA put this Santa Costume on you'll be saying good good and I will be Frankenstein's wife which means we have Gay Dracula and Casper. The friendly ghost nathaniel is going to be Frankenstein. I believe Oh but the Frankenstein costume we. There wasn't one member shit. Look we're almost there. Okay can you just? Can you just stop bothered me? I'm following the map. That's that was given to me so we're almost there party yes party yes party go yes. We're GONNA party the Party party. Everyone a party. I'll say we're going to a party so we're GONNA party but you don't want to hear the party for God's Sakes Fad. I wipe out because there's to displacement on the right side of my Goddamn car. Okay I got about six hundred pound freak next to me no. I had to take the French. S lasts around old freak. You're free Europe. Free bad drive on the bad driver. Sure guess what okay. All the wind has got to be fucking tinted so it can drive during the day. Okay thank you very much. So it's hard to fucking see. Cheese prepere steeper music music. Oh Okay.

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