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Purba kusak. There isn't much optimism as the US in Chinese trade negotiators in Washington this evening as correspondent Michelle Kosinski explains. On the one hand, you have the US side, very frustrated as what it sees as China. Renegotiating and reneging on parts of what they thought was going to be a deal. You have hours away from the US raising tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese imports seem markets responding. So it seems like we're back to a trade war with China. Federal authorities in San Diego announced one hundred nine hate crime and civil rights charges against the alleged attacker in last month's deadly synagogue, shooting more from correspondent Jim Rupe? Each of the one hundred nine charges carries the possible death penalty. There were fifty four people innocent and gug on April twenty-seventh when the nineteen year old alleged gunman opened fire killing Laurie K and wounding three others, including child FBI special agents is and Turner says we all have. I amendment right to free speech. But in those words, moved to violence, the law enforcement partners are going to all of our resources to bring that individual to Justice gunman will answer to the federal charges next week. President Trump said he was very surprised at the move as GOP Senator Richard Burs intelligence committee, subpoenaed, President Trump's son Donald junior in the yet to be closed Russia probe and the president reverse course, again today on whether special counsel, Robert Muller testifies before congress. I'm gonna leave that up to very great attorney general and he'll make a decision on that over the weekend. Trump tweeted, Bob Muller should not testify. No, reduce for the Dem's. Uber. Set the stage for its long-awaited arrival on the stock market pricing at forty five dollars per share leaving the ride hailing service with a market value of eighty two billion dollars. Stocks closed lower today, the Dow dropped one hundred thirty nine points, the s&p five hundred down nine and the NASDAQ shed thirty three points. I'm Barbara Kusak. No. Out is complete without Johnny flaming stake in marinate, seasoning, your steaks, chicken or chops. We'll have crowd-pleasing flavor with a third of the sodium and other brands find it at your local grocery store today..

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