William Bar, Brennan Muller, Clapper discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Hi. Hi, I my question was about William bar. Speak for conservatives that are accustomed investigations going nowhere. Can we trust William bar during his testimony yesterday? He kept referring to Mahler is Bob. And I thought you know, you've talked about BC being missing. Bubble. Did he hang out with these guys? Clapper, Brennan Muller. I mean going to you know, his great. It's a great question. All I can do. In fact, I was I was talking about this very thing via the Email the friend last night, and we both agree. They're just I can't assure you of anything. There's just a sense that I get that. This is for real. There's a sense that I get that bar is personally and professionally. Really concerned about everything that's happened here and needs to see that it stopped as to his relationship with with Muller the other Claus. I mean, they've known each other long time, they can't they're both in the same profession. They both got the same legal, pedigree working in and out of government. Remember mother Muller's report came back clean in terms of the primary. I understand I understand. I share your concern cannot assure you all I can do is tell you that. I have a good feeling about it. And that's why I publicly stated so I wouldn't have done. So if I had really great reservations, I hope I'm not wrong. But yeah, all of that stuff. All these. They're made with some reservations, you have to the swamp..

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