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You why America's face huge challenges before World War to put a man on the move. This environmental catastrophe bearing down on us. Maybe the biggest challenge yet. Oh, shut up. How do we beat? The hospital. What we've always done is people are insane. Certify. Keep playing keep playing workers. That's how we're gonna. Yeah. Real leader. Go back to Harvard, you idiot, you know, beat your students up with the lies now I'm gonna tell you again, if you don't know anything about science. You could easily fall into the trap of thinking the world is coming to an end. I've heard it all my life. I let's see. There was acid rain in the seventies wasn't there. Whatever happened. Acid rain. It was gonna wipe out all the forest and the northern hemisphere that scare tactic went away. Oh, before that in the sixties, wait a minute. There was a crackpot at Stanford ING Ehrlich. Still, there, full tenure, I believe he's talking about the population bomb earth was supposed to end by the year. Twenty twenty I don't know what year. The over by now then the earth was supposed to die from an ice age. Read the time magazine covers of the nineteen sixties. Don't you understand what demagoguery is Elizabeth Warren and the entire left-wing establishment since they have no positive ideas to offer the American people offer you negative ideas, and they give you scare tactics? The world is coming to an end unless you do x y and z. Now, the fact of the matter is, if there was climate change. I'd be the first tell you. I believe that man is causing climate change. I'm a trained PHD scientists, and I'm very proud to say from great university. My PHD dissertation was published as a book. I have two master's degrees, which I never talk about one of which was published as a book in a journal at Harvard University. I know science I've read science. I public science. The evidence is to the contrary. We're actually moving into a cooling, period. As that mean I'm arguing for pollution. I've argued against pollution actually like to see no cars on the roads. I mean, I have many cars I like high horsepower cars. I've a seven hundred ten horsepower dodge health cat that I love the sound of the engine. But if I could tell you the electric cars were more energy efficient, I would do, so they're not. Where does the energy come from? Well, they don't pollute. They don't pollute. That's all we know. Well, how do the batteries getting made the, you know, what energy talks, it costs to make a battery, it costs more energy to make the battery then the energy that is released from a so-called polluting internal combustion engine. If you do the analysis, the day will come that will have solar cars, probably when the solar cells, a powerful enough, I'd be glad to drive one. Then. But I don't go with an idea just because it's popular because it's part of the program. You know what I'm saying studied the facts, my friends? So let's take some calls on the Savage Nation. Virginia. Steve line six. You're on the Savage Nation. You win a copy of a savage life. Go ahead. Please. Dr savage. I agree. She is certifiable. And what I would like to say is this. I think that what she is saying, most importantly is people like us, who they classify climate deniers, just as they say, holocaust deniers, which I am not. But I am a climate change denier. Then they are comparing to them and, you know, they've been calling from President Trump and Nazi they've been referring to us is not ski. So this is coming from the far left, because what they're trying to do is make it illegal to deny that there's climate change and go in a arrest people who deny it as though. You are a person denying the whole cost. That's the danger of these, these rhetoric Titians like Elizabeth Warren, but she's not alone. The entire left-wing establishment is pushing this big lie. Yes. And they're pushing it in the schools to our children. And this young man is an example of this young guy called me was trying to try. Trying to get to the truth of things who said that he likes to come to his own conclusions. It called from from Albany that kid. Yeah. The young man, and it's, it's a very dangerous ideology, because, you know, when do the roundup start. That's my question. Well, it wouldn't it wouldn't be it would be just re education as in communist China, they would force you to go to the equivalent of diversity training. If you think we haven't had diversity training in this country, you're mistaken. I'm the only one to have walked out on it and told the diversity trainers to drop dead to tell that story again, I've been a rebel since the time I was born it could be because I came out backwards. It could be because I'm a breech baby. I don't know. But I've been fighting upstream my whole life. And I intend to keep doing it until God takes me, and I'll tell you something else. I don't do it just for fun. I do it because that's my nature. I'm a rebel. I was born this way. I'm not an actor. I don't pretend to be a rebel. I am a rebel. My nature is your beddis. I'm a skeptic. My mind is skeptical. I don't trust anybody or anything. That includes the present the United States evaluate and analyze everything I hear from politician in particular, so let's start with that. Don't put me in the camp of the beached whale, and his acolytes. I'm not in that category. That's number three. What was I saying forgot? I was going to tell them something else. A rebel. I'm a rebel yet without a cause, number rebel with a real cause. So the fact that matter is the evidence, does not indicate that the world is coming to an end the evidence indicates that the Democrats are all demagogues who are leading us to reeducation camps, now, we already have them in this country in the form of diversity training. And when I was just starting out in San Francisco and radio is a local host. It was the first year I was at that station, the management, who the guy has since been terminated is gone. I think he's retired. He had to put in diversity training because the corporation owned it wanted diversity training. So I and everyone else. The other talk shows -secutive had to go, sit through, what was the Chinese reeducation. I'll never forget it as long as I lived. There was an Asian guy a black lesbian. I forget who else they were doing the diversity training. Now, I have nothing against Asian people as I've argued for the inclusion of Asian people in any school that they qualify to get into. I'm against prejudice against anyone based on qualifications, and I've gone record for that. I have nothing against black lesbians, but I do have an awful lot against communist Chinese brainwashing. No matter who tries to force it down my throat. Nevertheless, they're burning candles in the front of the room and the showing a crescent Muslim crescent. And other religious symbols, but they would not show across and they start lecturing us about the evils of American evils of the white male. Everyone's sitting there, I stood up. And I said, you know what you're all full of crap. What are your qualifications? You tell me right now. How far you went and school, who the hell are you to sit there election me, and they wouldn't answer me? I said, you all go to hell. And I don't care. What happens to them? You ask I walked out. Well, soon thereafter, I risked my career, they dropped diversity training from this radio station. Because it was the most offensive thing. I've ever sat through now. Your children are now sitting through diversity training and climate reeducation training gender. Retraining. And virtually every other retrenched. You could imagine uh schools. If your child has a streak of Tom Sawyer in him. Or Huckleberry Finn and him. They drug him. They drug your son. If you shows any signs of masculinity, if you think we're not eighty percent towards the unbranded in the world. I have another guest coming for you. This is Michael Savage rebel with a cause author of a savage life. I've been dealing with it a long time. Let's take some calls, Jake in California, line four, go ahead, please where you calling from Jake. I'm calling from Lake County, California, Dr savage. Thanks. Where'd you listening up there? Yeah. What's on your mind, j just wanted to gotta just was talking kind of said the same point I have at everybody doesn't realize that all these people with this climate change. It's basically just a make them all bunch of money. I think they took a cue from our gore and realize you can make millions of millions of dollars off of dumb people by putting fear into their mind. Well, right. You know, I want, you know, why do you think I call them Al Gore Leoni's, head of the girl only crime syndicate for at least ten years, Al Gore, Leoni? I've called them why. Goalie goalies father was. Al Gore Leoni came from a very wealthy family. His father was Senator gore Senator gore after retired from the Senate in the great American tradition took a job running the Occidental coal company for none other than arm and hammer. Look it up. So Al Gore's original family fortune was made in cold, you know that. Nobody. Nobody knows what I know I am. I am such a fount of knowledge, but you get a copy of a savage life, staying alive. Al Gore's father made his fortune working on hammer in the oxygen coal company. So, you know, it's like the old story of there a company that slaughtered, pigs, forget the name of it. And the, the slogan was we sell everything, but the squeal. The skin, the hubs the snout the entrails they sell everything, but the squeal well to me the goal Yonis had it both ways. They made a fortune both ways. They made a fortune in the coal business then when that was the longer acceptable. They made a fortune in the Anti-cull business. It's a scam. The whole thing is business as usual. That's why I call it the goalie crime family and I do so ingest, Mr. gore, eight five five four hundred seventy two. Let's go to the only website recommend, which is Michael Savage dot com and the only Twitter feed that I recommend, which is Adam Savage nation. And someone wrote, this is sorry, I'm doing the tweeted today. Now. Someone wrote, hey, Michael genius, both smart and intelligent, and you qualify. Of course. I put it up there, but he wrote it. He said, I worked on figuring out for Neely your I concluded that one.

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