Bruce Davis, President Trump, Charlie Manson discussed on The Drive Home with Jillian Barberie and John Phillips


I can't be influenced anymore or if you're bruce davis i've i he charlie manson scarred you don't have to worry about me coming under his spell again i wouldn't think that would make a big difference john i guess it's possible they could say that but i guess it would be sort of hard and weird for them to say well okay i'll acknowledge it and before he died i i'm out of it unders influence and butter on something bad but not now i think instead either the governor believes as he has consistently that it's a bad idea let these folks out and even though the parole board recommended a release a year or so ago i think his attitude was i haven't seen evidence is do we have the explanation for the shift from ground prom queen model teenager to coldblooded killer and so now he's got the same decision to make now so either the governor thinks it's it's right or wrong to keep a man and so far yeah he is said to keep them in and then there's the other political component i mean ah know that two governor brown such a political animal especially now that he's obviously the end of his current not gonna be running for president he he may not care so much but he has to know that if he lets anybody out or some of them out hill 'cause it'll go on his epitaph though the people will we'll say among other things is the guy the let some of the man some people out so this is a complicated to slam the door he always says you didn't do ex lion z and previous governor suggests slammed the door saying there's no way you people out don't even think about it that's what worries me because something like the death of charlie manson could impact that rationale no your idea to it it is different from the past and we're just going to have to wait i guess we'll know early wound he likes to wait so you know i if it gets down to the wire then we'll scientists sacramento again and then put that we get them all printed out last on one hundred forty thousand they were trying to make it so that we couldn't s um i use the signatures from before but every uh every case is different so if you want to go on no parole.

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