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We had never owners that were designers and also you know there's just all sorts of trades that people had that came together that wanted the you know local food and healthy food and stuff like that until the at a really great team to help design everything efficiently as he could and in in move in there so we were i think that was in two thousand eight we opened up down there right right so that was three years till you were in probably what you could call your first official your you know like really a a shop space it sounds life and they get licensed to be a grocery store at that point when you yeah yeah we got all of our health department per mason near open to the public and and we open every single day of the league and we had enough staff in volunteers by that point we had just hired our first to employees just before we had moved and that was actually i guess at the end of two thousand eight and then and so and we were we were was it really just you and your sister doing this no not at all it was a lot of i mean there's been hundreds of people over the years put in a lot of time and energy and insights into eating to the next place you know then they're little landing pad in holding it on and tell somebody else could hold that piece definitely not it was a lot of people we are also in conjunction with the great basin basket which was a cs aid that was out a latin farms before mentioned earlier out in in in aggregating all that food in building the boxes and things like that so it's kind of birth of few different organizations happening interesting yeah okay so now you're in your own store and you have some employees than are open seven days a week and how long were you in out location and then we were there for about two years i guess it would be about two years a little over of and then we hit one million dollars and sales why we broke records for sales per square foot because we're in such a small face me just got really creative every day taking in our orders from the fire and unify and everything and just having it all fit in there either really great team of hands on owners you'd always have one eight employees on at all times pretty much and a whole view of everybody that would help that was really knew what they were doing because they had to figure out these systems pretty much so right right yeah so then once that happened yet are you'd started looking for new places around reno so that we could expand because we're getting pretty crushed by that point it also started renting an office next door and had a couple of fridges their bag right right do you remember what your sales were per square foot i don't know i guess a million and the retail space lose five hundred square feet goodness it's a lot of yeah yeah yeah it's a lot okay cool all right so he fridges in your office is next door and you're busting at the seams and then so how did you market at that point or was it really just your membership who did one it was just word of mouth we you know we would make some philly fires with stuff like that but we kind of laugh out known his like here's our early flyers for you know what we had locally in the store are feeling sale our events of the year but yeah that was that was pretty much it in fires in word of mouth flyers in word of mouth and was there so that that store that you were writing vice ical to before you started with that still in existence during this period i think i can't remember exactly when the change happen but whole foods had moved the i think it was a second largest one on the west coast had moved in to town and that in that ended while though they all right and ho few dope enough a little further south in that down virginia so little further away from downtown okay and.

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