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B. C. rob Kendall in for Tony cats good morning if you haven't heard have been following the news yesterday there was a tragic shooting in taxes the west freeway church of Christ in white settlement two people were killed gunmen literally was in the service was near the back of the church win up to a couple of people attending service there shop them directly and thankfully numerous people world who were allowed to you can carry a firearm in a church in Texas drew their weapons one man in particular hit the gunman I took him out very quickly it could have been much much worse and and that seems weird to say any time two people tragically lose their their lives but in this case thank god thank god those people in Texas have the ability to carry and defend themselves because they it is fascinating if you see an actual still shot there there is a video of this but if you see an actual still shot there is a moment in time in which literally you can count I believe it's five people drawing their weapon within a split second mean this with his perspective this stuff happen in about six seconds from the time the guy gets up and pulls his weapon that by this guy I'm talking about the the shooter the gunman the the murder the fog to win the whole thing ends I mean it is amazing how in a split second and we hear all the time about about how you should be able to do that from the left about how you should be able to defend yourself you know the call what he supposed to do because I guess call the police I don't know I mean it's six seconds this all went down if it even six seconds the other way I I I don't want to think about what might have happened about how many people might have been killed and again we never you never want to politicize in any way shape or form a tragedy and that's not what I'm trying to do here what I am trying to do is speak to you about things that are on the record about things people have said about what they believe in it's no no better than the the currently these party bear the standard bearer for the Democrat party Joe Biden the front runner who just as recently as a couple months ago criticized the Texas governor abbot for signings build a wall which allow people to be able to carry firearms which saved many many lives basically twenty four hours ago here's Joe Biden commenting on this take a listen rational with all due respect Texas rational what they're doing very day you see a mash unit I guess the number of hours on a plane five killed and we're talking about loosely an access to be able to take in worship absolutely rational look.

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