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America's presentation. That's a group headed up by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is Leah's a co chair. Usually says the next decade will be crucial to avoiding the worst from climate change. Mayors, Governors County Council People, City Council People CEO's assistant CEOs, labor leaders to get this done. All of us have to be involved. White House leaders also took part in the seminar. They say climate change solutions should be part of the proposed infrastructure package from the Bite administration. Charlie Harder Come O'Neill's This afternoon, the King County Council will take up the measure that would ban fireworks in unincorporated parts of the county. If approved, the measure wouldn't go into effect until 2022. The county's fire chiefs are pushing for a uniformly regional approach. By adding the unincorporated areas into an already existing ban. Something of money shift could be seen in the race for Seattle's mayor. Details from Kemal's Bill O'Neill, The Seattle Times is out with report that shows the leading candidates are worth anywhere from 0 to $15 million, in fact, most valued at less than a half million. Both finalists in the last election were from multi millionaire households signing campaign contributions. The report Name's Andrew Grant, Houston, Bruce Harrell, Lorena Gonzalez, Colleen Echo Hawk Lance Randall and Justin Pharrell as the top contenders. Girl tops. The list with the net value of $15 million barrels Network is also valued and more than a million Houston at the other end his zero colonial camo news an effort to recall Sheriff Jerry Hatcher, invented county is moving ahead with county auditor working to validate signatures turned in last week. We get details from couples, Carleen Johnson, as she reports on time for staff printing and sending valets could cost AH, quarter million dollars. Kathleen, where Chicago with the committee to re culture of Hatcher tells the Tri City Herald. They turned in signatures last Friday, two weeks ahead of the deadline. It really shows the level of support we have for our community that we're able to get it done and in and just it's been phenomenal talking to everybody in the community. Hatch was accused in eight charges of intimidating witnesses. Retaliating against them, tampering with evidence and violating his oath of office. The sheriff says he'll be exonerated of any criminal allegations. He addressed supporters at an event back in December. When I tell you that my job.

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