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Yeah, I'm taking Arizona as well. To me, they've got the most reasonable path to the sweet 16. Got seaton hall or TCU and the round of 32. I don't think they have any problem there. This is why I'm glad we wait to vote on national coach of the year because two weeks ago, maybe that said Cooley. But I think you fast forward to the present. My vote would probably go to Tommy Lloyd at Arizona not only do I have Arizona winning this regional. I've got Arizona playing Gonzaga in the national championship game shouts to Devon Downey shots to chest to South Carolina shelter. Lauren ale, thank you guys once again for listening to the oncologist basketball podcast. If you're not subscribed, please go subscribe anywhere you subscribe to podcasts, including Apple podcasts and Spotify. If you're not subscribed to the YouTube channel yet, knock that out and we will talk to you again real soon. Until then, take care. Lance Glenn here, producer of the college football daily podcast while we might be in the off season now, the college football daily never stops. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, myself, along with more great 24/7 sports personalities will bring you all the college football talk you need to get you through the spring and summer and into the fall. We will hear from coaches, talk to some 24/7 sports team site reporters and check in with some college football personalities too. So join us every Monday Wednesday and Friday on the 24/7 sports college football daily podcast and make sure to download and follow on Apple podcasts, Spotify stitcher Google podcasts and anywhere podcasts are found..

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