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And he goes, man, just keep bringing the stories on sick, but like it's the least I can do it on my geez now, like we have some hard core awesome fans. And he, he probably said, like, I know you were going to go to the bathroom and probably leave on the Bill anyways. So I figured I'd help on the waitress at stinky box play abyss, and that's. I just last. I'm just getting back today. I drove early in the morning. I left like five fifteen Milton where I live. I went to sleep hall sick off track outside New York City. So me and my buddy went his good friends, a member unreal time, but about two hours into the ride, we pull over New Haven right off the highway. There's a, there's a Starbucks on my I need something to eat, but ever got out of the car. I get out of the car. Some of the could get to the car. He's like, holy shit. You gotta be kidding me and right. Oh, this kid's chickens fed and my buddy says, he's like, I'm just thinking he, no, he knows you and you don't remember them. Sure enough. He's like, dude, I'm the biggest chickens. How the fuck am I seeing you at New Haven at seven thirty in the morning? I was like, this is Dane. That is fucking mile. Me and like Amine Grenell Nashville. Like, you know, like we meeting finish from Alabama and like hit like all these hip towns. You never heard of it was it's it's crazy man. How how will we got tentacles out? I love when people tell us that that the best compliment, I think we'd get as we don't. We don't even really watch hockey. But since I listen to the show and I'm watching the draft on him into the NHL that's like the best thing we like people getting into hockey because of the show if you don't, if you don't, if you don't like hockey and you actually listen to us, you're, you're my, you're my favorite person in the world. I'd say. Yeah. So it's pretty. It's pretty well wit where, why don't we? Why don't we talk about the PGA championship? I know you're a big golfer that had some fella. What's his name?.

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