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Can you estimate how many nights you stayed at the driver's house when Debbie was home a lot the last month before she went to college. I stayed there almost every night. More Debbie drivers parents where you were staying there. No you stated that you took dance bike and rode it to Shaker Square to buy cigarettes for Dan Drivers in yourself on Thursday September Thirteenth Nineteen Nineteen Ninety at approximately ten pm that correct. Yes described the bicycle. That you road to Shaker Square. It was a blue mountain bike. Like that. A men's or ladies' bike. It was a men's bike. What brand of cigarettes did you buy mama regular box? Just one pack. After he purchased a cigarette she went to Arabica. Is that correct. Yes while you're at a Rabah So how did you secure the bike in where I didn't. I just laid it up by the window at Rebecca in the back so I can see it. How long approximately did you talk to stay in Kramer on that evening? or how long was he sitting with you. Maybe like fifteen. May maybe like ten or fifteen minutes. Do you work at Arabica at all that night. No while at Arabica did you mention to Kevin Young and can stand cramer that there was going to be a Robitussin party at damned dreifort House that evening. I didn't say there was GONNA be. I said there might be because because that's what dad said. Before he went in the hospital he said the day he got out. He was going to have a rebel party. What did you tell Kevin Young and Stephen Kramer about who was coming coming over today Andrey for his house that evening I remember telling them anything? What did you know about anything that was going to happen drive for his house that evening? All I new is that Lisa and Chris were coming over V.. Ever attended a Robeson party at Dan drivers. Yes how many times times did this occur. Only once what was in your opinion the result of the people who drink robitussin at this party that is the fact the Robitussin on them. And how did it affect their actions. They just went crazy. Dan told me that makes them feel strong and said something about some kind of trance. They go into when they get into this trance. Whoever they see at the end of this hallway they do whatever they can to get them out of the hallway? They kill if they have to. Sometimes they just knocked the person out of the hallway. That's what he said. Would you explain what this hallway means. And he said one day that everybody's got a hallway and when you take Robitussin and brings you back to your hallway and it's like if you take it you you see all way it's like a mild form of acid. Have you ever done robitussin. And if so what was the effect of yes I fell asleep. Have you ever seen Dan dreifort under the influence of Robitussin. The only time I seen him he was just coming down from it. I never seen seen him when he was in the middle of not coming out from it. What was his conditions at that time? And how did he act. He just sits there and stared like he was asleep but has is open. When was this Robitussin party in there? It was after I got out of Rehab and before he went into the Psych Ward Rebecca Boat Right Andrea Conrad. Jim Hanna me. Dan and deb was their dead Messenger. was there too. That's everybody to the best of your knowledge today android. I have a Robitussin party last Thursday night. I think he did on Thursday evening September Thirteenth Nineteen Ninety after you brought after you bought the pack of cigarettes and went to Rava. Did you leave a radical with anyone and go over to the shack. No I left with Kevin and I went down to the Shaker Boulevard and he went down South Woodland when you left a rabbit cut to return to the driver's house with the cigarettes. Which route did you take our down Shaker Boulevard to Lee and then in down Lee prior to read in the driver's house? You stated you stopped vacant lot. A few doors from the driver's houses is that correct. Yes was that to urinate. Yes approximately how far into the lot did you go. I put Dan's bike down. Where the entrances and I walked a couple of steps in did you take the bike into law and if so how far I took the bike to like the edge of the law where it was in the grassy area like a couple of feet after you finish urinating and return to the drive towards house? How did you make them aware that you had returned as throwing rocks at his bedroom window? Did he indicate to you that he had heard you throwing the rocks at his window. Now he never said. Do you come outside to meet you. Yes I was standing over by the garage and he came out Odin told me to go back and then he came out the back with the door with his dog. I told him I wasn't gonNA stay. What did you do with the bike? Just gave it to him and he put it in the garage. Did you physically see Dan. DREIFORT put his bike in the garage. Yes was the garage Asia open at the time or did he have to open the door. The garage was partway up. It wasn't all the way up when you left Drivers House House and walked to the rapid route. Did you take leader Shaker Boulevard. Do you stay on the sidewalk on the west side of of Lee road all the way to Shaker Boulevard or do exit the sidewalk at any point now when you arrived at the rapid station. Asian at Shaker and Lee. was anyone else there. Did you encounter anyone that you knew while walking from the driver's house to the rapid you know when you finally got on the rapid. was there anyone else on. The rapid now described the rapid driver ever had a conversation with big black guy with a beard. Where did you acts that? The Rapid Shaker Square right by the shack on your way walking from the rapid. Stop to your apartment building. Did you see anyone that that you knew no when you arrived home. who was there my mom and her Fiance Boyfriend Rob Cornell to do you have a conversation with them and I just told my mom? I WanNa stay at dance tonight. Approximately what time did you call Debbie. Dreifort from your apartment probably around twelve all thirty. Am Did you dial her direct at a residence at Ohio University. Yes when you called. Did she answered the phone directly or did someone else pick it up. I one of her friends picked it up. I did you know her name now. How long did did you talk to Debbie dreifort about thirty minutes after that you went to sleep yes? Did you leave your apartment at any time. Between the time you spoke to Debbie drive for on the morning of September Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety now on September Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety when you first learned of the death of Lisa Pruitt who it did you hear or did somebody tell you how she was murdered. Somebody had told me she was hit with something. Did anyone tell you that she had had been stabbed now. Did anybody tell you that she had been raped now. I heard that on the news. What time did you hear that on the news at noon when you went to Kevin Young's house on the morning of September Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety approximately? What time did you get there? Probably like nine or nine thirty a. m. something like that at that time when you advise Kevin Young of the death of Liza Pruitt. Did you tell l. him that she had been stabbed and rate now. Are you absolutely sure of that. Yes during the same conversation eastern with Kevin Young at approximately nine or nine thirty. Am did you tell Kevin that you thought Dan Dreifort had done it. Yes why did you say that because on the news they said they had found her in his backyard and she was supposed to come over and see him. So what made you think that. Even though you heard where she was found that Dan drive for would be capable of or want to murder. Lisa Pruitt I just thought if he did robo bad night that he might have. I don't know do you know for a fact and did you see Dan. dreifort consume any robitussin on the evening of September Thirteenth Nineteen Ninety or of the early morning hours of September Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety now did did you make the statement to Kevin Young that you are afraid that if Dan Dreifort did he might have used a knife of yours. That was left at the driver's house pals. Yes what kind of knife is this. It's a butterfly. I left it in Deb's room and she told me that she took it with her. When did she you tell you this asked her what happened to it as soon as she came home and she said she took it to college with her? Did you tell Kevin Young to tell the police that you were with him until ten forty forty five. PM The previous evening yes. I told him that while I was at the shack. Why so he wouldn't forget to tell you guys that I was with him so he wouldn't get in trouble and I wouldn't get in trouble? Did you. Make a statement. Kevin Young down on the evening of September Thirteenth Nineteen Ninety that Dan dry I I told Leeza pruitt that. He wanted to cut her hair. You wanted you to hold her down why he did it. He was just playing around when he said it. Did he make that statement. Yeah do you have a pair of scissors in his hands when he made that statement now clippers in his hand. Did you ever temperature Sir have sexual intercourse with Lisa pruitt. Now on Saturday September Fifteenth Nineteen Ninety in the evening hours us. Were you at the Dreifort home. Yes I think it was from Navy about eleven until twelve thirty am dude. Anythin- thin happened between the Times at the driver's house. That got you angry or made you lose your temper. Yes deb's dad was just getting on my nerves and me and deb left the house. He was nitpicking at deb. And it was Kinda getting on my nerves on Friday night. deb seeing kind of like a flashlight in the bushes and I got pissed off and went down to the street to see what it was. But I didn't see anything since the murder of Lisa. PRUITT DOC of you threaten to kill anyone. Yes who when I thought it was. Dan and I went down the street on Friday night. I was going to do the same thing to them. As whoever did that. To Lisa from the time you heard about leaser Pruett's death until right now. Have you had any contact with. Lisa's parents. Had some contact with some lady. See that was there with Lisa's mom and I told her if Lisa hidden diaries or any journals or anything to turn them into the police because they might have some information would did she. She say.

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