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An actual client. Some restrictions apply for complete details. Please visit Optima tax relief dot com. More than a week after coming ashore, Hurricane Laura has claimed two more victims and given the current weather conditions, the death count could still rise. It's been extremely hot and humid in southwest Louisiana, where Laura made landfall on August 27th making for a cleanup that's uncomfortable look best. Deadly at worst seven of the 25 Louisianians, whose deaths are blamed directly or indirectly on the storms that come to what the state Health Department calls heat related illness. Nine more have died of carbon monoxide poisoning from misuse of generators. Jim Ryan ABC NEWS A federal magistrate, judge recommends criminal charges be dismissed against three men indicted with the duck boats thinking in Missouri and 2018 that killed 17 people. US. Magistrate Judge David P. Rush says federal criminal charges should be dismissed because table Rock Lake where the boat sank. Is not considered a navigable waterway under federal law, the judge instead recommending the case be handled by a state court. Two separate indictments accused the boat operators general manager manager on duty and captain with neglect, misconduct and failure to instruct passengers to use flotation devices as weather conditions worsened. Bryan Burrough ABC News Amazon is banning the sale of foreign plants and seeds. The band follows thousands of Americans receiving unsolicited packets of seeds in the mail that summer. Many of those were postmarked in China. Amazon says the move is meant to protect customers. This is ABC News on and this is news radio. It's 904 on a Monday, Labor Day morning and checking traffic once again, Here's John Nelson. It's been a pretty uneventful drive for the most part and looking at a few more cars and area roadways. TRAVEL time ever to Seattle 27 minutes Federal way to Seattle. 22 minutes Redmond to Seattle take about 20 minutes. We do have the closure of the U. S Canadian border and also speed limits Restrictions on I five near joint base. Lewis McChord due to ongoing construction are next Cuomo traffic at 9 14 forecast from common meteorologist Kristen Clark warm and breezy conditions Developing on our Labor Day afternoon. As that East wind strengthens, descending the west slopes of the Cascades that will result in very dry air. Humidity lowers to maybe as low as 10% in a few spots that increases our wildfire threat across all of western Washington this afternoon, most notably in our foothills and our Castillo Valley locations as the wind into tonight could exceed 40 MPH. Outdoor burning, not advised on Labor Day holiday in the common Weather Center, a meteorologist Kristen Clark, son, some high clouds in 64 downtown at 905 stay connected. Stay informed the camo Morning news Joining us over the top story should've come on 24 7 News Center now Heartbreak. Popular Lake in Pierce County, has two teenage boys died after drowning on Spanaway. Like most, Cara confidence with more what we do know is this was a local family out, enjoying the spectacular day like Spanaway. Ultimately ended in tragedy. We know that two brothers have died on Ly 14 and 15 years old. I'm told that that call came in around 3 30 that both teams were under the water. This all happened in the designated swimming area, the lake, which is a roped in area. Apparently, the boys were not strong swimmers and did not have life jackets on until that one brother went under first. The other tried to help but then also went under the water both boys as soon as they were brought to shore. Lifesaving measures were taken. CPR was started..

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