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Two two percents of <Speech_Male> high school students and one point six <Speech_Male> four percents of staff tested <Silence> positive <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> k so <Silence> why <Speech_Male> why <Speech_Male> so. They say maybe <Silence> additional testing at <Silence> the schools. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> Or maybe <Speech_Male> there's just no evidence to <Speech_Male> back this sort of stuff by <Speech_Male> there are plenty of studies <Speech_Male> showing the face <Speech_Male> compare how he reach <Speech_Male> how we read emotions. <Speech_Male> There is one <Speech_Male> particularly from frontiers <Speech_Female> in psychology. It cites <Speech_Female> sixty five other <Speech_Female> studies talking <Speech_Female> about how people need <Speech_Male> to see faces <Speech_Male> in order to interpret emotions. <Speech_Male> This is perfectly <Silence> obvious. <Speech_Male> But we live in such <Speech_Female> illogical stupid <Speech_Female> society that things that we've accepted <Speech_Male> as ritt <Speech_Male> for literally <Silence> all of human existence <Speech_Male> are now <Speech_Male> being were <Speech_Male> being asked to defend them <Speech_Male> saying well. Can you explain <Speech_Male> to me why <Speech_Male> looking at human faces <Silence> <Advertisement> is good for you. <Speech_Male> Can you <Speech_Male> explain why we shouldn't all <Speech_Male> just be working or walking <Speech_Male> around number. I mean what's the problem. <Speech_Male> It'll protect you from <Speech_Male> the virus and also <Speech_Male> you'll be abiding <Speech_Male> by taliban-like <Speech_Male> fundamentalist <Speech_Male> law but what <Speech_Male> you'll be hitting so <Speech_Male> many green check <Silence> marks for yourself. <Silence> <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> We all understand <Speech_Male> that. Not <Speech_Female> wearing a mask is <Speech_Male> a good thing. <Speech_Male> The fact that we're being <Speech_Male> asked to defend this <Speech_Male> on the basis of <Speech_Male> like really <Silence> really shoddy public data <Speech_Male> is <Speech_Male> completely crazy. <Speech_Male> Completely <Speech_Male> crazy at <Speech_Female> this point already <Speech_Male> well. We have reached the end <Speech_Male> of this week. But <Speech_Male> we will be back here <Speech_Male> next week for much <Speech_Male> much more. I'm <Speech_Male> ben shapiro. 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