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The way have the option. They can put this 10% surcharge on your bill at the end of the meal, and by the way, they can use the money that they make on that 10% surcharge anyway. They want it's not going to be shared with the city goes right to the restaurant. It stays in place for 90. Days after the pandemic in indoor dining, Full indoor dining is back so that could be released, meaning another. A year, maybe possibly s. So now The only push back we've heard is some restaurant worker unions have said they worry that waiters and bus staff will get smaller tips because people will give less because they're paying that 10% surcharge. I don't believe that I think people when they go out to eat. Now we're giving higher tips than ever. They're trying to help these guys and gals out. Yeah, I think it's a good It's a good thing. I 10% doesn't seem that onerous. I know every buck counts to a lot of people and you know, you and I are going to be a little bit more forgiving along those lines, but I think that sounds like Chinese restaurant people have been slammed. And they've been. It's been a double whammy. Because the city has been so slow. They're they're still not open until what? The 30th indoor dining Yeah, and then and only 25%. And then you know that summer dining is going to go away when it gets cold unless they could put those heat lamps back out there, and there's been no approval of that. So Look, it's not a right to be able to go out to eat. If you want to go out it is, you know, it's it's entertainment, and I think you know you got this is one of those times you got to put out a little more cash to do so I got no problem doing that. Quickly. I just wantto mentioned William Barr statement, which opened a lot of eyes and slavery, which was a different kind of restraint. This is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history. Hey, saying, if there's a complete lock down around the country, it's It's the worst thing on civil liberties since slavery we have. Ah, Ron Kuby, coming up at 805 can't wait to hear his take on that. He's a famed civil rights attorney, and we'll talk to him then so a lot going on this morning. Let's get right to the news desk. That tragedy in Brooklyn. Joe just just awful with the The fire truck and the ambulance. Here's the news with Joel Barlow Day Joe are already land. Yes, one person is dead, eight first responders injured. This was an accident this morning involving an F D N y vehicle in an ambulance. It was an ambulance and a ladder truck. They collided it Myrtle and Troop Avenue in Brooklyn. Ah, 59 year old man in the ambulance was killed. Another passenger critically hurt. Six firefighters in to Mt. Suffered minor injuries and it's still causing traffic problems this morning. More protests expected today, with teachers trying to delay the start of in person learning in the city. They say it's not safe, and some parents agree and refusing to send their kids to school a little bit uncertain about sending him back to.

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