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Look like that when you watch it over and over and over again on i you know on on tape but you know he's trying to squeeze by and one clears is long haul throttle goalie goes out and i understand in the rules having been a goaltender you're not you know luke lead run the net minder just because he's outside of his crease and there's there is principal contact with adam in the league is trying as hard as humanly possible to carry that games and made they punisher now the it what a been in a lot of do do they're line quits never came back into the game and players say people and lotta bad and probably drop the hammer on him you just use get it probably going to get suspended because of it but it's not going to be a blank you look there's a would've been a player i had been injured meant they do take that into account so how they lost cody for the game they may lose him for a few more games a lot of course came back him was perfect which then which actually helps a cody eakin and you know i mean bowl side move monitor meet again in in january in new york early daniel it but that's that's all i start this is a real quick before we get to how the good how the netminders played to me for my homer i think if you were look like he thought one quits was going to play the puck faster and that there was like a little support second where he sort of hesitated behind the net and then him leaving is fee was more him trying to squeeze himself up against boards yeah but it take that into account well it and i said that's the problem the officials on the ice and then supplemental discipline have to be aware is you know how do you really can't i work within means for him so i get even you're right and hopefully cody use rather pristine background i help some it would be escapes here because i know i know what he was trying to do and in no way words what henrik lundqvist trying to drop caller anything he's trying to make a play and cody just ran out a real estate and you're right trying to squeeze.

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