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Podcast Gary parish Matt, norlander, now in a T-shirt. I shamed him. I shamed him into dressing the way we agreed to dress three days ago on a conference call. Chats to my guys at HDI, by the way. That's why I'm wearing an HDI Colton Houston. This was not designed, but that happened to me when I was, what if I had shown up just in the dress shirt with no understood underneath? You could be topless. That's weird behavior, but so I do not endorse that. You would be topless? Yeah. I would be covered. You would be topless and we would nickname you must. Okay, that's actually what if I what if I, what if I went mus on this headquarters desk at the end of the podcast? I will not. I will not. That is not happening. Well, that's one way to go viral. It is. There's lots of ways to go viral. That's one of them. That's one of them. Yeah. That's not going to happen. But it's great to, by the way, it's great to be with you. It's great to be live. This is, you know, this is a different little vibe here. We've got some folks around the set here down at the convention center. George R Brown, convention center, downtown Houston. And yeah. Podcast live. We need to do this more often. We got to do it more often. You got to come to my place right around right around the corner from what is it, Hudson market down there in New York City? It's a very deep inside joke even podcast people don't know that jokes. If we're going to do it more often, I suggest not doing it at the same time as a Houston Astros game. And so that's literally happening right now. Yeah, I didn't find out where we were doing this until about two 30 in the morning. Okay. And then I knew because on the production meeting, we talked about it. I was, I was supposed to get texted and addressed and maybe by the way, hold on. We buried the lead. Listen, we'll talk stand there in a second. Maybe. We wish that the Astros came together. I am baseball podcast. We made it happen. And by the way, I didn't suggest this GP took care of it. 'cause he's like three bets behind anyway. Since I won the final four and one, I don't even know what the tallies are, but you have been well surmounted GP picked up the cost of my ticket. So it was a good time. Your ass grows one. Actually, you know what? This guy showed up in a mets hat to a White Sox Astros game and you know what, you know, you know what people were saying. That's then behavior. Is it? That's them behavior. I was walking. I didn't walk through the stadium at one point on a drink run. And how you were going to say that? And I asked most fans saw my hat and he goes up. The mets suck. I'm like, you think I don't know. I've been doing this my whole life. You think I don't know the men suck? Come on, man. I was at an angel of mince game one time, and angels at the same time of deal. Angel Sam was like, let's suck. And I was like, yo, you're an angels fan. Relax. Take it easy. Which is incredible, actually. The last fan base that needs to be talking trash is the angels. Yeah, relax, buddy. You're not a Dodgers fan. Relax. So yeah, I find out really supposed to be here and then I go, okay, how long is it gonna take to get there? It says like 17 minutes. I said, cool. Yeah, so I leave in what I think is plenty of time. And then I hit Astros traffic. I had to jump out of my Uber. Is half a mile away from here and walking the rest of the way with a garment bag and a computer, walking past, I bump into a San Diego state fan on the street. He's like more of a fist bump. There we go. Oh, a lot of stuff going on. Back to basketball. National title game. Is tomorrow night. It's here inside in our G stadium in Houston. And UConn, as mentioned, opened as a 6 point favorite. It immediately went up to 7.5. The latest number I saw is Yukon -7. So like I said, I'm not going to ask you what Yukon has to do to win the game. It's obvious. If you can't play as well, UConn will win. The question is this. What does San Diego state have to do to win this game? All right, so when we went into Saturday night and I spoke on headquarters, one of the biggest things I said, or the biggest thing that I thought needed to happen for San Diego state was that Matt Bradley had to play like the program's best player because he had not in recent games. That wounded now butler hit the shot, but Bradley was actually the best player overall. He went for 6 boards, 21 points, and 32 minutes, only one turnover. Played really, really well. And they got out to that 14 to 5 run early sds you did on FAU that wound up being a big case. I think that's got to happen again. I think Nathan mensah, who probably should have found out with about two and change to go, there was a 5th foul call that didn't get that didn't get called. I think he's got to play particularly well. Obviously they're going to need to shoot well. And I do think that they're going to have to try and they probably will succeed in this and dictating the terms of the way that the game is played. They're going to want to keep Yukon in the 50s. If Yukon cracks, now what actually wound up happening is FAU broke the streak. So it was 72 71. Teams and had scored that many points on sds, the entire season had actually beaten the Aztecs, so that trend finally broke Saturday night. But you do not, you don't want to let UConn hit certainly not 70. I would even argue 65, just because Yukon is also, that's the thing. SES uses slightly better per possession defense, but Yukon is also top ten and his top ten on both ends of the floor here. So slow the pace. Keep it, keep it to 65, 68 possessions. Certainly not as many as 70 because you don't want to you don't want to let you kind of Stephanie. It's hard for me to see the Aztecs winning this game if the huskies get to that threshold. You know, I don't really think seem to go state has to try to control tempo because Yukon doesn't play that fast either. They're both in the 200s and tempo, according to Ken palm. So it's going to be played at a comfortable pace. I do think they need to make it ugly. And I think Brian dutcher would probably agree. Basketball fans don't want to watch an ugly game on Monday night. But I think San Diego state fans probably do because that is your best opportunity to actually win a national championship. I told this story last night on the on college basketball podcast. I'll give a brief a version of it now, but it is the main thing that pops into my head as we get ready for a UConn San Diego state championship game. It was the 2009 title game. It's North Carolina, Michigan state. And North Carolina is like Yukon is tomorrow as significant favor. I remember Tom is those press conference on the Sunday before the title game.

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