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Or even a kevin lee so he was able to test if you go the distance he was able to test is boxing game out and show his jab and show fighting as southpaw he is actually throwing kicks he was actually able to i hate to call ally the quinta more of a sparring partner but could be was able to test a lot of his skills in real time in a situation where at a top against the top flight fighter where he wasn't as much dangerous he would be if he was testing himself against conor mcgregor or tony ferguson so you know he was he was doing a lot of things that he was kind of out of character and it didn't look like the normal could be which which hence the reason why guys like joe rogan they were thinking that he just didn't look the quite the same because he didn't look the same and it wasn't an it's not that alla quinta had exposed him or anything it was just that could be was working on his game joe rogan apologize to have remained as and can be for his comments but that was the next thing that kind of popped up you go you you roll into the press conference and everyone is expecting could be to call out conor mcgregor but could be did not call our conor mcgregor he called out george saint pierre and i think that super smart i agree with him.

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