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Which people get peaked to sit on the politburo standing committee china's highest body at the same time i guess the one signal that we might get from the leadership conclave is that if xi jinping is eyeball to put more of his people on the standing committee then some of the of the rival factions particularly those of the youth league that i guess that will be a signal to markets that she's indeed in control of the party that he has is more powerful and probably the two previous leaders that have come before him and that will enable him to push ahead with some of his pet projects a a round the economy and that's really a sort of focus on the one bill one road project through sort of central asia and down into southeast asia and as i said so to continue with these sort of peace meal reforms of the economy and i guess one of the areas there where she has been stronger than many table ford in that surrounds shutting down excess capacity so i guess that is the most politically difficult seeing that he has to do and so if he's able to put more of his people on the standing committee that it's probably a signal that the shutting down of outdated and inefficient factories will be easier in the next five years than perhaps it's being in the previous vases turning next to the policy side and a specific question for thomas dang jesus talked about the socalled to one belt one road policy let me ask you about that because that's been something of a flagship does that remain very important do thinking and should we expect to hear more about that in the weeks to come because of the it's a vehicle for china to expand its of power plays an it's he sort of settle it still by that hasn't he.

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