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I when i first met best. She was writing for short play night in london and there was one where it was like. She did every quarter whenever the show was on and she got an email saying hi yet. I'm just so you know like the deadline was meant to be today. A hunger your script. Your eyes seemed you're writing wanted. Do you want to be in. And she'd be like oh. Yeah yeah. I've got one and she wrote it there on the train and send it would be like one of the biggest loss of the night but once she's got an idea and our head getting the idea going takes a while but then getting it onto paper just like boom. Yeah but then it changes it changes and morphs and yeah. Oh yeah yeah. That's what i've seen a lot of a lot of writing stages and sometimes i do get writer's block. I'm not one of those people who can sit down. I am in the morning and then up five have written ten thousand words. I sometimes can't write anything for a really long time. And then sometimes i'm like pow his a series and you get up at eight. Am to no. i have. I have friends who do and i am a mixture of astounded and horrified by them. The also actually we did compare all working patents to the substance victoria city which is another really really good. Po cost amazing. And they are polar opposites to how we right they do get up. I am and work. Well no sorry. They will have worked for at least an hour by eight. Am and will work kind of solidly through the day. They'll have reuters meetings. Everything will be very organized and at the end like they create victoria state and i. I couldn't create victorious. Not in the same way that they couldn't create space junk. Just because it's it's from a different set of brain. I think when we recorded with them for one episode i think it was bites and they play and some of the local towns and we wrote a new. We can't we were there. We rounded mezin oxford. And we'll great and we. Mike we're record you and we realize there's two of them in only one character to play so we just wrote a new character just put put another character in the wall in the records. They were so horrified. You done this because actually of course autumnal con originally was never in the show. That's how i was gonna to ask. I want to know who came up with tom. Nikon so amazed. What a great name for a horrible evil entity. Oh yeah i mean it was kind of i. I came up with nicole. And i think the brief for the name was semi generic and evil and headley came up with all of the amazing sound elements to it but yet in the first draft at the show is in the first audio draft. We had autumnal comas mentioned. But that was no in terms of kilowatts rolltop nikon. Do you never heard automatons voice briefs. You didn't hit the definitely wasn't the right to review subscribe music so it was more just like it was like a character details. Oh they work for x. wasn't so integral to the show. Yeah and then we interesting. Yeah and then. I think it was actually in the editor. Yeah because we do quite a lot of our first of its kind of major changes happen record when we're recording things we go like. This doesn't work all this needs more explanation. And then when it comes to the edit we do again ma like does this upset work and sometimes sometimes it doesn't sometimes..

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