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Story. I will pitch news story that comes straight from my heart. I've been thinking about it all week and then your votes will decide at nine eight nine seven three I'll we'll get to that after we get a traffic report from Tracy Taylor. And traces report this time brought to you by the emerald Queen casino getting reports of a crash on eastbound four ten is your protest Myers road. There's a recommended southbound on the valley freeway just after four or five where it's causing both directions of four or five do really slowdown, getting up to that one six seven interchange. Figured we'd take a look at the drive out of Lacey. Olympia right now, there is some heavy traffic on north and five as we get closer to one to one outside of, I'm going to go Pacific Pacific out there in Olympia drivers are running into a lot of heavy traffic, though, outside of Nick. Squally in that continues all the way up to joint base. Lewis mcchord just a little heads up to you. Those lane restrictions on north and five through Nisqually start later on tonight. So you thought Sundays Sunday afternoons were bad. We'll just wait when you have just two lanes moving through that area backups on highway sixteen is he come off the narrows bridge heading up past the lodge at drivers or running into some slower traffic on five twelve as we get closer to canyon actually, there's quite a bit of slowing Unseld about or sorry. Yeah. Southbound one six seven just shy of Ellington and working its way onto five twelve seen some brake lights right around the south hill mall. Drivers encountering about eighty two minute drive from Seattle, Tacoma. We'll take a look at the northbound coming up in ten minutes. Traffic brought to you by emerald Queen casino better. Benetton Neil Giraldo at the McQueen July twenty six the fortieth anniversary tour, our only at the emerald Queen casino, combining home and auto with state farm.

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