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We are at halftime here at foster stadium the mesa ridge grizzlies up big on wide field trying to claim the d3 cup for the third consecutive year they lead at thirty five to twelve at the parade going through the scoring place which are meant to do initially but we had that figure out what was going on with that catcher interception at the end of that these scoring started with johnson a running it in from fifty four yards out on mesa ridges first possession that made it seven two nothing wide feel the answer to mmediately meyrick goodwin a sixty one yard at touchdown catch from tj davis but the extra point was blocked and mesa reach maintained their seven two six lead in then ages went crazy dj king eleven yard touchdown rod followed by a oneyard touchdown run by johnson vowed dads ran it in from fifty three yards out finally why feel got back on the board with about two minutes to go and a half a twenty six yard run by tj davis but then a pick six a couple of possessions later with fourteen seconds left on the clock johnson running it answered johnson of with three total touchdowns on the day to offense to our one defensive anti as tim mention at the beginning of the halftime show has been the player the game so far whether the statistics say through two quarters well offense of believes leading mesa rijn russia in a met you know imagine that he's got seventy seven yards but the i mean or what i think is one of the bigger he is of the game is number twenty seven has had a very very good game course yes of course at vel dez he has seventy four yards rushing including a fifty three like you just said the you know the big big touchdown run that he had so combined everybody running on for mesa rich a hundred and sixty two yards in the first half mile then and passing they have seventy nine yards through the air now you look a wide field um you went through their scoring blazes well the big one big of than sixty one yard pass play to number a.

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