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Five by mark Austin Thomas coming up help for small business owners and even residents who need to know how to get financial aid during the crisis I believe L. does shale drillers are seen the worst oil bust yet that's stories coming up in five minutes when Bloomberg checks or money federal state home guidelines extended to April thirtieth in a bid to lessen the spread of the corona virus those stories coming up in the next fifteen minutes first traffic weather together every ten minutes on the five to four forty five is loosed hours grata hills right now the four or five that's a place to stay away from right now seems like especially at four oh five south around the one eighteen look out for a red pickup truck driving northbound in the southbound carpool lane again SO four oh five south right around the one eighteen then just down the way a bit this is on the northbound side of the four or five before Devonshire street a car went into the center divider don't know if that had anything to do with it but I can't because it's on the other side of the freeway caygle canyon above lake view terrace Lopez canyon road a cable truck trail the vehicle into the guardrail a tow truck is on the way there and in Fontana this just coming in on the chalkboard on the ten west after cherry Avenue look out for a truck versus a car in the center divider and both of those vehicles are now blocking the carpooling then across a Fontana into the fifteen south after the two ten a car a big rig the tangled up in both of them are over on the right shoulder still working in Colton this is on the two fifteen south connector to the westbound ten a car went down the right shoulder embankment and secular still working in the call and pass the fifteen north between the skills in the one thirty eight the two right lanes are shut down along with the one thirty eight offramp until about five to clean up the big rig tractor fire earlier this morning still have a full closure in commerce on the seven ten south all lanes are shut down from the five down to Atlantic next reports coming up at four fifty five I lose hours for traffic reports were off and can extend seventy newsradio good morning and happy Monday we are ending the last couple of days of March here in the south land with temperatures heading into the above average territory today temperatures will begin to warm up compared to the weekend as a high pressure system builds in that high will continue to strengthen as we head.

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